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Travel Updates: Three Major Destinations Reopening & La Palma’s Volcano Eruption Continues!

It was another week of drastic change & confusion for many. However, with the implementation of simplified travel systems and the elimination of aggressive lockdowns comes a new set of travel updates you will need to know.

Here is the latest set of travel updates surrounding international travel!

Japan is now a little easier to visit!

The health ministry of Japan has agreed to loosen entry restrictions for travellers who can provide proof of being fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Travellers who wish to enter the country must show evidence of getting the Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca vaccines, as they are currently the only ones accepted in Japan.

China’s Sinopharm and the United States Johnson & Johnson will not be accepted.

Travellers who meet the requirements set out by the country will no longer have to endure a 14-day quarantine. Instead, they can do 10! At the end of the tenth day, they must take a PCR test – if it returns negative, the person will be able to move about freely.

Australia reveals plans to re-open!

On Friday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced plans to re-open the country’s borders to fully vaccinated citizens and permanent residents.

It has been more than 18 months since Australia closed its borders in response to the Pandemic and imposed strict quotas on arrivals and mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Therefore, the re-opening, which is expected to come into effect in November, is good news to the many thousand Australians stranded overseas.

Argentina is set to open to international visitors!

Argentina is all set to re-open to international tourism on November 1.

All foreign visitors will be welcome to make a quarantine-free visit, as long as they have received the approved vaccines at least 14 days before the trip and present a negative PCR taken within 72 hours before the arrival.

Argentina’s Minister of Health, Carla Vizzoti, tweeted the news on September 21. The country’s land borders have already re-opened, on October 1, allowing foreign nationals from its neighbouring countries to enter.

According to the latest travel updates, La Palma’s volcano eruption continues to be more aggressive!

Travel Updates -  La Palma's volcano eruption

According to Spain’s Instituto Geográfico Nacional, the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma has started erupting even more aggressively after weeks of gushing lava. 

Red-hot lava exploded high into the air from La Palma’s volcano on Sunday night as the eruption gathered force – hours after Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said Spain would help rebuild the island, adding that it was safe for tourists to visit.

The volcano’s activity ‘continues to be intense’, and a new crater was discovered Saturday, the Canary Islands government and IGN said in a joint statement.

‘It doesn’t look like it’s close to ending yet, because of the millions of cubic meters of lava that the volcano is throwing out,’ said Canary Islands President Ángel Víctor Torres at a press conference Sunday.

Since the eruption, over 1,000 homes have been destroyed. The volcano’s earlier emissions also sent clouds of toxic gases into the sky, forcing local residents into lockdown.

However, on a positive note, the technical director of the Canary Islands’ emergency volcano response committee said that the air quality had improved enough to lift local stay-at-home measures.

That’s your latest round-up of travel updates! 

Stay tuned for more, or check out some of the other travel updates we’ve posted recently!


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