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Travel Update: British travellers will have to pay to enter the EU!

This week’s travel update: UK holidaymakers will have to pay a fee to enter 26 countries in the European Union from next year.

Non-EU residents must fill out an application for entry that costs €7 (about £5 at the current exchange rate).

According to MYLondon Reports, the visa is free of charge at the moment, but the new fee will cover administrative costs and is intended to “increase security and help prevent health threats to the bloc”.

This new change is being called the “European Travel Information and Authorisation System” or ETIAS.

Prior to their arrival, travellers must fill out an online application and pay the fee. However, it is free for those under 18 and over 70

Passengers will be asked to fill out information regarding their passports and travel details, along with some security questions.

Once the application has been completed & approved, it lasts for three years, so it doesn’t need to be done every time you decide to fly.

It is also hoped that ETIAS will enhance Europe’s internal security & help defeat terrorists and criminals by spotting suspicious individuals and stopping them from entering.

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