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Travel The World To Find Your Must-Have Coffee Of The Day

Did you know that you can enjoy some of the best coffee only when you travel the world? This is the honest truth that coffee lovers ought to know and there are certain coffees that don’t compare with our average cuppa. In this article, we take you to some of the best places in the world for your must-have coffee that will give you a taste as to what the magic of coffee is all about!

Vienna in Austria is one such place that is famous for its coffee culture that offers a great deal for selections for coffee connoisseurs. From vintage coffee shops for contemporary coffee cafes, Vienna offers it all! If you’re on an European holiday, check out the coffee scene at Milan in Italy. While Italy is famous for its culinary contributions, one such contribution is its fine coffee beverages that include cappuccina, espresso, caffe d’orzo and macchiato. It was actually Italy’s thriving coffee culture that even insptrired the former Starbucks CEO and speaking of Starbucks, America is famous for its coffee too. Being the home to the first Starbucks in the world, Seattle is the place to be in if you’re a coffee addict. Be it the classic coffee or a social media-worthy latte art, Seattle offers a great selection of coffee that are above and beyond the ordinary.

For fragrant coffee that is incredibly strong and as black as the night, pay a visit to Istanbul in Turkey where you’ll be treated to finely ground and unfiltered coffee served in traditional porcelain cups. As far as Asia is concerned, Jakarta and Vietnam tops the list with coffee playing an integral role in their lifestyle. Jakarta is famous for its coffee varieties that include Sumatran, Java, Gayo and Torajo coffee and even has the most expensive coffee in the world – Kopi Luwak or civet coffee. As far as Vietnamese coffee is concerned, it’s often served with sweetened condensed milk at the bottom and they also have coffee varieties in which yogurt and egg yolks are added for more flavour. If you happen to be a coffee addict who loves travel, then you’re lucky because it just gives you a great excuse to combine two joys into one – the joy of travel and the joy of a cup of authentic coffee. Contact our Travel experts at Travel Center to embark on an epic journey to taste the best coffee from around the world.

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