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Travel rules you have to follow even though there’s no more “red list”!

This week marked a major overhaul of travel restrictions in the UK when the government motioned a plan to axe the UK travel red list. This might have been the news many travellers had hoped for, but this does not mean all of the UK’s travel rules have been scrapped.

Currently, all seven countries from the UK travel red list was removed, meaning that British travellers who fly back from those countries no longer needed to quarantine in a government-approved hotel for 10 days.

So, now that the red list has been put to rest, what are the travel rules still in place?

Well, to narrow it down for you, the travel rules you’ll have to follow when entering the UK from abroad boils down to what your vaccination status is.

Double jabbed travellers will not have to isolate when they arrive but will have to take a PCR test two days after they arrive, just to be sure.

The test should be booked before travelling back to the UK & if the result comes back positive, travellers must immediately isolate for the full 10-day period as usual.

If you are not fully vaccinated, you should take a PCR test three days before your arrival in the UK and take two more tests on both days two and day ten of your stay.

Additionally, as per the current travel rules, you will have to quarantine for the first ten days after your arrival in the UK if you haven’t been double jabbed.

When in quarantine, you have the option of leaving isolation early through the “Test to Release” scheme, but it’s imperative to remember that this is a more expensive option due to the added cost of extra tests.

What are your thoughts on the current travel rules? Has it affected your holiday?

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