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Top Warm Cocktails from Around the World

We’re coming into the chilliest period of the year and as much as we enjoy cold beers and chilled cocktails, staying warm turns into a larger importance for many of us. Fortunately, you don’t have to place your beer in the microwave anymore, you could actually get warm cocktails that taste great, smell good and won’t leave you trembling on your barstool. So take a look at these remarkable warm cocktails from around the world:

Il Bombardino.

If you love eggnog, you’ll possibly like this Italian warm cocktail, particularly if you tend to enjoy your drinks heavier on the booze. Egg haters, don’t bother, this one isn’t for the weak of heart! This yellow mixture is generally prepared with half Advocaat (an egg-based liqueur much like eggnog) and half brandy then capped with a dollop of whipped cream. The beginning of this cocktail is said to be from when a set of trembling Italian skiers escaped to a mountain cabin in a snowstorm and the owner put this drink together to warm them up. This warm drink would make you warm in more than one way, so go easy on these bad boys, even on the coldest of nights. 

Glögi (Mulled Wine).

You don’t need to drink out of a horn to get a flavor of the by gone days of Scandinavia. Glögi is a customary drink where spices are put in to a warm, spiked juice or wine, making a sweet and soothing mixture of Christmas-like tastes ideal for snow days. While there are lots of variants, many recipes introduce cinnamon, clove and ginger into the blend, making this a treacherously enjoyable drink. 

Irish Coffee.

As one of the most equal nations with drinking, Ireland certainly knows how to stay warm and keep awake, all while still getting’ a buzz on. Irish coffees have been acknowledged from the 19th century, depending on similar drinks from Germany, Denmark and France. While there are numerous variants of this emblematic drink, the three simple elements consist of coffee, cream and obviously, whiskey. You could also discover variations without cream, espresso-based coffee and more frequently, a little sugar and whipped cream. Slàinte! (Which is Gaelic for cheers)  

Hot Toddy.

Another total standard warm cocktail is the hot toddy. Stemming from Scotland, this drink is frequently linked to nursing colds and cases of the flu. When it comes to preparing your own, you could select your poison in terms of liquor, but brandy and whiskey are the two most familiar variants. Then just draft up some tea, put a few squeezes of lemon, a little honey and spice it up however you want to (cloves and/or cinnamon are standard.) Warm your body or get rid of a cold with a warm toddy.

Hot Sake.

Not completely a cocktail, but we’d be careless not to place a special mention to the Japanese rice wine, sake, as a brilliant winter drink. Frequently offered in a warmed dispenser at Japanese eateries, this smooth drink is made much like a beer rather than a wine. Sake is utilized in special rituals in Japan, but you could take pleasure in a tiny ceramic cup (known as a choko) with your dinner or in an exceptional cocktail. Just be certain to ask if the sake you purchase or get is meant to be offered hot or at room temperature, as there are several variations out there. Or, you could just go the ‘Merican way of tossing a cup of sake into a glass of beer — as you could predict, this one certainly didn’t begin in Japan. 

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