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Top Best Hiking Trails in Florianopolis.

Backpacking South America travelers will find that this place is recognized all over Brazil as the ‘Magic Island,’ it has lots to provide in terms of pure charm and exterior sports. Trekking fans could discover tracks that usher them across Atlantic forests to postcard-worthy beaches or hike peaks for that ideal seafront sight. Book a flight here and you’ll find that choices thrive in Florianopolis, and here are the leading top tracks to find.

Forte de Jurerê.

The northern point of the island Jurerê is recognized for its entertainment, but the region has lots to provide day trekkers too. Forte de Jurerê, or the Jurerê Fort, is simply reachable by car and needs a tiny payment to get into this ancient location. The fort was constructed during 1740 and isn’t very big, but it is a significant portion of Florianopolis’ past. After a simple stroll across the stronghold keeps going down the hill to the beach and relish the calm waters and homely beach bars.

Cachoeira do Poçao.

This track is a brilliant choice for those remaining in the metropolitan hub of Florianopolis, as it is situated just a brief trip away in the Corrego Grande district. The beginning of the track is simple to enter at the end of the Rua Sebastião Laurentino da Silva but go in the week for a more private trek to a waterfall and swimming hole that’s ideal for cooling down in Brazil’s scorching summer days.

View of Cachoeira do Abismo (Abyss Waterfall) and it’s natural pool – Chapada dos Veadeiros (Deers Tableland), Goiás, Brazil

Praia Galheta.

This simple track takes no more than 15 minutes and provides trekkers a picturesque trip from one remarkable beach – Praia Mole – to the following – Praia Galheta – the last of which is recognized for its brilliant surfing, beautiful environments. The trail starts at the north point of Praia Mole and is usually clear but could get murky with dense rains. Take everything for a day at the beach with you as this site typically does not have any amenities, other than during the peak of summer when there is a booth to purchase drinks.

A view of beautiful Praia da Galheta (Galheta beach) in Florianopolis, Brazil


At the far south point of the island, trekkers would discover another chance to tour an isolated beach with the Naufragados track. This path starts at the end of Rodovia Baldicero Filomeno, where trekkers would probably have to pay for parking at the end of the street. Forty-five minutes of trekking across the Atlantic jungle would place trekkers on Naufragados beach, which is in a secure pure sector, making it an immaculate sample of the island’s pure charm at its best.

Young hiker in the Florianopolis archipelago, in Brazil.

Costa da Lagoa.

Tour Florianopolis past via Costa da Lagoa, where an ancient fishing village still survives and is only reachable through boat or on foot across this track. The path starts at the northern point of the tiny town of Lagoa da Conceição, situated at the end of Rua João Henrique Gonçalves. It twists past houses and across the peaks and is simple to the trail, but has a couple of hikes and could be stony in a few locations. Trekkers could also take a boat back to the chief port in Lagoa for a payment.

Boats docked on a pier at Costa da Lagoa in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Lagoinha do Leste.

This is Florianopolis trekking at its best. The Lagoinha do Leste track merges strolls across the Atlantic jungle, wide ocean sights and, finest of all, a private beach to award trekkers. Situated in the south of the island, get ready for about an hour and a half of trekking to arrive at the beach, and there are fewer amenities – if any – once you get there. There might be a boating facility to carry tired trekkers back to one of the two starting paths for a charge. Trekkers could start the track at Praia Matadeiro, or from the southern part at Pantano do Sul beach.

Praia da Lagoinha do Leste, Florianópolis, Morro da Coroa, view from above, green water, sand, waves and forest. Beautiful Brazil

Dunas da Joaquina.

Florianopolis has a range of surroundings from jungles to beaches to sandbanks, and the mounds at Praia Joaquina are ideal for trekkers searching to try-out their energy but still have ocean sights. There are no detailed paths, which makes the banks a brilliant spot to roam without fretting about a congested trail. Determined trekkers can start at Joaquina and cross the banks all the way to the lake, or Lagoa da Conceição, and get a taxi, Uber or a bus back to the beach.

Father and son sandboarding on sand dunes in Joaquina Beach, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina Island, South Brazil

Morro das Aranhas.

On the island’s eastern part is the track of the Morro das Aranhas, or Spider Hill, but don’t let the title alarm you. The track is simple to enter from Praia Santinho, and the Costão do Santinho beach retreat is a simple indicator to identify you’re in the correct place. Stroll south down the beach until it ends to get to the beginning of the track. Trekkers would also spot some genuine archaeological sketches from the island locals at the start of the track. Then, they could either select to hike to the summit of the hill or keep going down the shore to Praia Moçambique. Get ready for about an hour and a half trek one way and remember that the only amenities obtainable are at Praia Santinho at the start of the track.

Lagoa das Lavadeiras at Morro das Aranhas in Florianopolis, Brazil

Barra da Lagoa.

A tranquil fishing village on the eastern part of the island, Barra da Lagoa is the perfect site for encountering Florianopolis from a native’s viewpoint. This trek to Barra’s natural pools is simple to enter: just travel to the chief beach region of Barra da Lagoa and go over the footbridge and keep trailing the trail across the district until you get to the beach again. This is a simple stroll with no more than 30 minutes on the track, but it reveals a separate part of the island and provides a possibility to swim in the stunning pure tide pools.

Barra da Lagoa beach, island of Florianopolis Brazil.

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