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Top Amazing Islands Within Reach of Cebu, Philippines.

Book a flight with Travel Center to the island of Cebu in the Visayas you’ll discover that it has a little of everything. For the inner-city people, there’s its branded metropolis which has become almost as urban as Manila; beach fans have numerous sandy sanctuaries all around the almost 200-kilometer expanse of an island at their disposal, and those in the endless requirement of a travel escape have many of its adjoining islands to pick from. If you’ve been on Cebu for a little time and think you’ve just about drained it’s every corner and crevice, here are a few of the beautiful neighboring islands to travel to. 



Mainly familiar as the nation’s surfer paradise, Siargao has been gradually growing in fame even amongst non-surfers. Its dazzling beaches, turquoise inlets, and spectacular terrains are more than sufficient to pull visitors in. And Cebu is possibly the ideal starting off place for Siargao. Each day, native airline Cebu Pacific has three flights from the Mactan Cebu International Airport to Siargao’s Sayak Airport. And following a sheer 45-minute flight, you’ll be on the island of Cloud 9, the state’s most popular surge. As stunning as the chief island is, don’t remain lazy, as Siargao’s neighboring islands are a portion of its appeal. Travel out and uncover the charm of Siargao, past its waves.



A direct neighbor of Cebu island and just a ferry trip away is the isle of Bohol — most commonly recognized as residence to the tiniest primates ever and also to the stunning terrain of about a thousand “chocolate” hills. Apart from these two well-known tourist appeals, there is also the isle of Panglao for beach fans, which is linked to mainland Bohol via a bridge. Here, gorgeous beaches such as Alona Beach and lively aquatic life wait for divers and tourists. Even if you’d love to see charming animals common to the Philippines in their pure territory, swim directly over turtles, or just relax on the sand the entire day, a tour to the island of Bohol would certainly be one you’ll appreciate.



Not quite the huge traveler’s spot as yet (however possible soon-to-be), Camiguin is a secret pure utopia of beaches, volcanoes, cold and hot springs, and waterfalls that would captivate any tourist and make them ponder why the tiny island isn’t a greater deal than it is. From Cebu, Camiguin could simply be gotten to by ferry or via plane, and it makes for the ideal tranquil escape. Here you probably wouldn’t have to concern yourself about packed beaches or tourist-filled appeals — at least, not at the moment. For now, this island’s kind native makes up most of the mass and they’ll be happy to split their stunning home island with you. 



A two-hour ferry trip from the south of Cebu is the magical island of Siquijor. Another island off-the-frequented-path, even for resident visitors, Siquijor holds the status for being the region of witchcraft and the occult. Lesser recognized are its gorgeous white sand beaches and other pure marvels. Should you choose to tour this bewitched island, while you can select for an experience with “healers” or specialists of the supernatural, you have to also take the opportunity to find its less-known charmers: the lovely beaches of Paliton and Salagdoong, its various caves, and the calm, turquoise Cambugahay Falls.


Dinagat Islands.

And lastly on this record are a set of islands that are ideal for beach fans looking for an intact utopia. This new region (it used to be regarded as a portion of Surigao del Norte until it was formally accepted as its own region during 2011) is sprinkled with immaculate maiden beaches and gorgeous views of high limestone stone developments protruding out of the transparent blue ocean. From Cebu, the islands could be gotten to by Initially flying out to Surigao and then getting on a boat or ferry to its metropolis, San Jose. From here, travel north on to the cities of Basilisa and Libjo for remarkable island visiting escapades that still slide below the tourist sensor, and have these unknown tropical sanctuaries all to yourself.


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