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Top 5 Unique hotels that will spice up your holiday!

We’ve got the perfect idea to give your regular holidays an upgrade and to make the best memory out of it! Let’s give your thrill-seeking mind a heads up into the accommodation section as these unique hotels live up to the standards of your wildest dreams.

These options will not only stir your curiosity but also present you with an idea to choose the best quirky accommodation for your next holiday.

De Glace Ice Hotel – Québec, Canada

Source : booking.com

On the unusual places to stay, we’re welcoming you to the ultimate winter paradise! As the cold breeze blows, this magnificence shines in its icy glamour.

You can start your snowy adventures from early January to early spring opens its shimmering doors for you; everything about the setting and the architecture waits to stun you.

With more than 40 themed rooms to choose from, we’ve got quite the selection here awaiting to charm you. Made entirely from ice but don’t worry, the temperature in the rooms hovers at around -5 °C (that’s 23 °F), even when it’s -30 °C (-22 °F) outside.

What’s special about the rooms? Stargaze relaxing on hot tubs and saunas! And that’s not all of it yet. 

Let’s get into the fun part as this sure is going to make you go “weeeeeeee!” That’s right, we’ve got an ice slide for you! Let your heart slide into having the best time in the Ice Bar, and sip cocktails served in an ice glass.

Excited much yet? On the contrary you can even design a room for them! Apply online and get creative.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Igloos – Saariselkä, Finland

Source : booking.com

If you are up for a romantic getaway, the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Igloos is the ideal choice for you!

If you are wondering what could be so special about the usual starry evenings inside a glass igloo, then we’ve got the magic element right there for you! Yes, the Northern Lights. How? We’ll tell you! The new system on the Igloos alerts when the Northern lights appear, so you don’t miss out on the colourful show in the sky!

Not just that, but like sprinkles on a filling cup of ice cream, you’ll find more leisure activities than you can imagine! Start with the husky sledge safari or even go Ice fishing to try your luck. Don’t miss out on the cute reindeers you’ll come across. Keep an eye out for them!

Apart from the leisure activities, fun, and games, the Kakslauttanen arctic resort offers different types of glass igloos that you can choose from, from the traditional glass igloos to snow igloos; all of them playing their part as an all-rounder, making everyone fall in love with this wonderment.

Overall, this hotel isn’t just one of the unusual hotels, but it’s definitely one of the most astounding ones.

TreeHouse Hideaway – Bandhavgarh National Park, India

Source : booking.com

Taking you a bit closer to nature and the wildlife that dwells within this time!

We’re talking grand treehouses and an exotic array of Indian animals, kind of fun. As you hear the birds sing, take advantage of the luxurious amenities like rain-head showers, air-conditioned rooms, and much more.  

How about taking your chance to Spot over 250 bird species? But keep in mind it’s also a tiger reserve. Yes, that’s right, you’re going to hear them Roar!

If you don’t spot them from your Balcony, we’re bringing you one step closer to the wild! Hop on to a safari every evening for leopard and tiger sightings.

Four Seasons Tented Camp – Chiang Saen, Thailand

Source : booking.com

This will be defined as a heart-stirring holiday story if you are a person that loves the serenity-filled nature.

A unique hotel that has both camping experiences and serenity filled breaks topped up with the beauty of the tropical setting. What more could someone ask for? Wait, there is more; this hotel is set in a bamboo jungle that offers beautiful sceneries all around.

Along with the beautiful landscapes, the rooms take you back to the 19th century, presenting you timeless beauty in its amenities. 

The views from your room are too magical to take your eyes away. It is nature’s love story written with exotic beauty.

Let’s not forget our honourable mention, the hotel’s elephant program, and the private outdoor rain showers that most travellers enjoy during their stay.

If that doesn’t hype you up, Hold your horses!

There’s a small swimming pool in the forest along with a hot tub. Dive in!

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Source : The safari collection

If you are an animal lover, especially giraffes, this is for you!

The Giraffe Manor offers amusing courtyards with serene-filled green gardens.

The elegance this Manor holds will make you visit again and enjoy its luxurious amenities as you will cherish this experience forever. Oh, and friendly visits from the cute giraffes are something to look out for daily.

This boutique beauty is a must-have on your bucket list when you are looking for something fun and exciting. This is it; If you are looking for unusual places to stay, then book your way to the Giraffe Manor.

For some of us, the ordinary is boring! Every journey is different, but choosing unique hotels to stay in can be a task that takes time; this list will help you conclude by finding the best of unusual places to stay. Sit back, grab a coffee and plan your trip, as every new adventure you take is a memory that you will cherish forever.


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