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Top 5 Hungarian Dishes to Eat on your Visit

There’s no use in denying the inevitable, we all know that food is the first thing that comes to our minds when we visit a place for the first time. Not the scenery, not the historic temples, and you’re certainly not looking for a way to connect with the country’s way of life and explore the intricacies of whatever paradise you’re in without sinking your teeth into something that looks good, smells better and tastes like it’s the best thing ever!

Your visit to Hungary is sure to be no exception, expect nothing but the best food on your visit and the dishes are sure not to disappoint! If anything, you should be concerned about the unhealthy level of obsession you’re going to develop after a taste of these sumptuous dishes from Hungary.


The Hungarian Lecsó is a vegetable stew made from tomatoes, yellow peppers, onions and in some cases chicken, smoked pork chops and sliced hot dog sausages are added for meat lovers. Take a bite of the stew and taste an outburst of flavour, from the striking taste of paprika blending in with the saucy texture of the vegetables that drip with a few hints of spice to an added bonus of the crispy onion and pepper slices. All in all, this is the ideal meal to start your day off in Hungary.


Love flatbreads? Then you’re in for a treat, Langos are very popular because of how ridiculously good they taste! You’ll find them almost everywhere in Hungary. Make sure you get your hand on the crispy flatbread and customise it according to your preference. If you’re a vegan, customise it with the freshest produce of cooked vegetables, or you could top it with perfectly seasoned chicken, prawns that are rich in taste, or sausages and gravy. No matter what you choose, it is sure to be something that will leave you wanting more.

Chicken Paprikash

Chicken Paprikash has everything that characterises the Hungarian cuisine: paprika, pepper, onion, tomato, meat and sour cream. The dish has a creamy texture and has just the right amount of spice that is enough to enthrall your taste buds. This warming chicken stew is packed with flavour and is set to impress anyone who takes a mouthful of it. The recipe also bears a resemblance to goulash, another traditional paprika dish that is very popular among Hungarians.

Dobos Cake

This famous Hungarian cake, called Dobos Torte, is a real showstopper. It consists of five Delicate layers of cake made from almond flour, slathered with buttery chocolate frosting, covered with almond slices on the side, and topped with the chewy caramel layers that blend in with the crunchy almonds. The layers are immaculately light and melt in your mouth the very moment you bite into it, So make sure you try it for yourself! You can find this in almost every Hungarian restaurant because it is a local favourite.

Somlói Galuska

Described as one of Hungary’s beloved dessert, the Somlói Galuska is a decadent sponge trifle that is made from three layers of sponge cake soaked in rum, pastry cream and a generous amount of chocolate sauce. The cake is served with a topping of whipped cream and is the dessert you never knew you needed. This is one dish that is something that you need to try at all costs on your visit to Hungary.

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