Top 12 things to do in Azerbaijan

Regardless of being in Azerbaijan for 20 seconds or 20 years, you don’t need much time to realise that the Land of fire is an idyllic rush of wonder. The country is best described as an intertwining of unforgotten tradition and cosmopolitan wonders that blend it into an extravagant oasis supported by the pillars of both the past and the present, giving you the very best of its much-appreciated nexus.

Azerbaijan has always been widely known for its famous monuments; thus, many travellers seek the generic privileges of embracing its flame towers and so on, but a flicker of surprise is mostly the only reaction you’d get from those travellers. If you really want to see more of the land of fire, shift your perspectives and get away at every opportunity, keep reading.

1) Start simple and take a walk to remember!

Sunny mornings, vibrant cobbled streets, and busy cafes, what more can you possibly want for a more authentic experience? Taking a walk is more than enough for you to witness the country in the shoes of a local. Make sure you’re doing it with your friends or family and not with a tour guide. There’s no reason you can’t but keep in mind that tours do heavily restrict you from exploring. While some may see this as a safety precaution, we suggest you don’t do it completely alone and that you stick to a crowded track in case you don’t feel too adventurous. That way nothing is going to go wrong.

2) Adore honey and wine? Then you’re in for a treat (literally)

Not sampling honey and wine in the village of Ivanovka when you have the chance is a crime you do not want to commit! Want to know why? Because it’s where you can get the best honey in the Caucasus and witness Azerbaijan’s last functioning collective farm, whose grapes are used to make the popular “Ivanovka” brand of wine. But that’s not all! You will also find timeless streets lined with izba-style houses, wine excursions and shrines.

3) Want something more exciting? How about the beaches of Absheron? 

Another day, another beach, what’s so different? Well, the beaches of Baku have a culture that is more of a unique sensation. Here, you’ll get to see old soviet cars perched right up against where the ocean meets the shore, charming sunsets but most importantly, the local civilians who compete against one another by jumping off abandoned oil equipment into the sea. That’s right, and it’s not just locals, tourists do it as well. It’s definitely not on the safe side, but it is thrilling, and for those of you who may be more of a landlubber, you can spend an equally memorable time onshore as well.

4) Tired of the pace? Then discover Sheki!

The magnitude of what Sheki has to offer is beyond comparison. There’s no reason not to fall in love with Sheki, it offers so much to travellers. From vibrant palaces to decadent desserts, the landscapes of this district are what everyone who comes to Azerbaijan dream of seeing. Experience the absolute delight of wandering through its neighbourhoods, admire the artistic flair of the incredible Sheki Khans’ palace and embrace the warm hospitality of the inhabitants of the district.

5) Have an eye for history? Visit Baku’s museums

It is well known that Azerbaijan is embedded with history, while the land of fire might not be considered the best place to learn about history, its museums still have a lot of potentials and are a pivotal part of helping travellers explore the country’s fascinating past. If you are on a tour During your visit, you’ll be spending a few hours coming to grips with key events such as the oil boom, communism and the Karabakh Conflict. It is sure to be a whirlwind of past events all around.

6) A fan of time travelling? Take a day trip to Gobustan

Travel about 40 kilometres from central Baku and you’ll find yourself in the Gobustan National Park, where there are more than 6,000 UNESCO-listed rock carvings that offer an ideal insight into the prehistoric life of the Caspian-Caucasus region. Dating back to more than 15,000 years, the carvings depict scenes of hunting, dancing and animal symbolism. There are also museums that help you interpret them and give you an in-depth context as to what they mean.

7) Hike your way through the remote villages of Guba!

If you’re a fan of panoramic views, then head to the villages of Guba, where majestic mountains stand tall above the blissfully lush grasslands. Anyone who appreciates hiking is sure to love the hiking routes of Guba’s breath-taking mountains where you’ll also come across Khinalig and Griz, two mountain villages that are becoming very popular among tourists. Only a few places in Azerbaijan can rival the scenery of Gabu, so make sure you check it out! It is sure to be one of the many highlights of your trip to Azerbaijan.

8) Lake Goygol’s scenic allure awaits!

Created by an earthquake 900 years ago, Lake Goygol’s untamed natural views are sure to profoundly amaze you. The national park the lake is located in, is about an hour away from Azerbaijan’s city Ganja. Go on an exhilarating tour and get a chance to see an abundance of wildlife including wolves, bears and much more. There are also traditional teahouses and rural villages.

9) Indulge in Azerbaijan’s traditional food

The simplest and greatest way to experience Azerbaijan’s way of life is to visit its country side and some of its traditional teahouses that serve the finest blend of tea you’ll ever drink. In the rural side of the country, you’ll find tea served in small pear-shaped glasses and also get a hint of the delicious jam that comes along with it. But that’s not all! The countryside also serves pakhlava, a baked dessert that delightfully encapsulates the flavour of a variety of nuts, cardamom and saffron.

10) Embrace the slopes of Azerbaijan!

Azerbaijan currently has about two winter resorts in the Caucasus Mountains offering the best skiing experience. The season lasts from mid-December to late February so make sure you keep an eye on our flight deals to Azerbaijan. Winter in Azerbaijan may be short but its charm should never be left unappreciated, and the resorts help you behold a sight that is unjustifiably beautiful. If you want everything to be high end, then spend your holiday at Shahdag Mountain Resort, the resort covers a greater range of the slopes and offers luxury accommodation and dining. If you’re on a budget you can check out the Tufandag Mountain Resort, the resort offers relatively affordable amenities and is perfect for

11) Fire up your itinerary with Azerbaijan’s eternal flames!

One of Azerbaijan’s most prized possessions also include Yanar Dag, the burning mountain of Azerbaijan. Located on a hillside on the Absheron Peninsula, Yanar Dag is eternally ablaze because of the natural gas seeping out of the earth, be sure to gaze upon its inextinguishable blades of fire and learn about the legends tied to the natural wonder on your tour.

But that’s not all! You can also visit Ategash, the fire temple of Baku. Located in Surakhani town, the state historical reserve is often praised by travellers for its rustic elegance and is open for exploration through tours. On your visit you’ll learn more about the creation of the temple and its history of how and why it was turned into a museum.

12)  Stop and stare at the Heydar Aliyev Center 

Mesmerised by the flame towers? Then you’re sure to love what the Heydar Aliyev Center brings to the table. The architectural phenomenon is known for its fluid, curved style structure that makes it renowned as a distinctive attraction. Brought to life by Zaha Hadid’s architectural intellect, the center has attracted countless travellers to marvel at its atypical designs and has even been internationally recognised for its innovative and cutting-edge structure. If you want to explore the centre’s museum, be sure to book a tour prior to your arrival as it is a signature landmark that tends to create a lot of crowd.

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