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Top 10 Thermal Springs in the World

We all have our ‘perfect idea of therapy’. Some of us choose a good sleep and some, a frozen bucket of Ben & Jerry’s with chocolatey chunks. It depends on the level of therapy you sometimes need; I know! But want to know what therapists suggest?

A hot bubble bath!

Yes. It may sound a little chucklesome thinking of how a hot bath can fix your mental health, but it’s approved!

And, here’s a wow fact:

  • In a German study, participants with depression reported a boost in mood after soaking in a 40C bath for 30 minutes.

Now, this is evidently why most of the therapists suggest hot bath therapy as a form of affordable self-care. That said, in this article, I have brought to you 10 of the world’s best thermal springs or natural hot bathtubs! What’s more therapeutical than self-care with spectacular views?

To begin with, here’s Iceland’s best geothermal spa;

The Blue Lagoon

It’s a place that’s in everybody’s ‘saved’ album on Instagram! Yes, that’s a fact we cannot deny. You would have at least stumbled upon one picture of this lagoon in your life and said, ‘Wow, goals!’. That is how attractive the colour and setting of this thermal spring is. It will be tranquillizing to start your trip around Iceland after a great thermal spring therapy!

The Blue Lagoon is already on the list of travel trends in 2021 and comparatively cheap during Winter. So, if you are considering a visit to the Blue Lagoon, here are seven essential things you need to keep in mind;

  1. The temperature here usually ranges from 37-40-degree Celsius.
  2. It is children-friendly. Great news, it is! But with certain conditions. Children under 13 years are allowed only with a guardian. The minimum age of a child you can bring here is two years. It’s a fun idea to float your one-year-old in the thermal springs, I know. But, the minerals in the water aren’t very infant-friendly. 
  3. If you are someone that loves a soak in the hot water spring at night, you’ll love it here! The Blue Lagoon is open at night, based on the time of year. 
  4. The Northern lights are visible. It’s on rare occasions! So, if you get to encounter the Northern lights from the lagoon, you are lucky!
  5. Blue Lagoon is full of places to eat from!!! Restaurants like the Moss, Lava or Spa serve elegant and beautifully plated cuisine. 
  6. If you prefer more heat to the water (especially during a winter visit), then there’s a super-hot section just for you! 
  7. The water at the Blue Lagoon is not very friendly with your hair! So, stay cautious. Meanwhile, enjoy the ‘wristband’ facility at the lagoon that allows you to purchase while in water. Oh, and don’t miss the massage afloat! 

I know the Blue Lagoon is an all-in-one package for those who need a self-care travel package! But, if you are going to be in Iceland only for a few days, then choose day tours. Oh, that said, have you checked out the Blue Lagoon deals at Travel Center? Our deals include amazing day tours and multiple activities

Thermal Springs - The Blue Lagoon

Okay, the next choice from the best thermal springs around the world is from Japan. Junbi o shi nasai!

Takaragawa Hot Spring

We all know Japan for its traditional arts, tea ceremonies, calligraphy, and Anime! But, the Takaragawa thermal spring or ‘Onsen’ is an unseen side of the country.

This Japanese thermal spring is thirty minutes away from the Minakani Town and Japanese Ryokan. It’s a location close to the Ski resorts like Hodaigi Ski resort and Okutone Snow Park.

I could go on telling you about the geographical beauty of this thermal spring. It is not just because I like this out of all the best thermal springs around the world. But, its lodging midst of the extraordinary nature makes it a dreamy thermal spring lost in nature. This particular thermal spring gives you the best romantic and tranquil vibes; you cannot deny!

It is one of the romantic thermal spring experiences on the bucket list for couples. Why I say so is because it is a couple-friendly thermal spring that gives a lot of privacy. If you are a couple looking for a safe and comfortable thermal spring, then this one is for you.

Apart from its romantic effect, it also has a gorgeous exterior and interior. Excellent for those who want to collect pictures for their blogs and Instagram pages!

Thermal Springs - Takaragawa Hot Spring

If the Blue Lagoon and the Takaragawa thermal springs did not still impress you, then the next one would;


Another personal favourite thermal spring! For those who know Turkey for its sweetmeats, this thermal spring comes as a surprise. It has the same hype that the Blue Lagoon has and is on everybody’s bucket list. If it isn’t, then it is time for you to add it!

Why Pamukkale stands as one of the best thermal springs around the world is for its formation. It is described by most of the travellers as ‘nature’s marvel.’ Not just because it is one of the many natural thermal springs, but also because of its location.

Although we saw that the Blue Lagoon and the Takaragawa thermal spring had their tranquil benefits, this one is exceptional. Yes! The Pamukkale thermal spring’s natural benefits include the ‘balneal treatment.’ For those who do not know, balneal treatment is done to strengthen health and beauty. 

So, this thermal spring gives you both mental and physical benefits. Here you can swim, enjoy the balneal treatment and mud baths! Not just that, but you can also complete the visit with massages from thermal spa resorts.

Thermal Springs - Pamukkale

Next in the travel trends in 2021 is,

The Chena Hot Springs!

An excellent pick for those looking for a vibrant thermal spring with health benefits and fun!

Out of the many best thermal springs around the world, the Chena hot springs is differently picturesque. I mean, how can one not love the thought of witnessing the aurora borealis as they soak in a thermal spring?

Snow-covered boulders surround this open-air pool filled with steamy natural mineral water. A pleasant sight to see on the coldest Alaskan nights with the aurora and stars embedded in the velvety black sky. It is a perfect getaway for mental peace but not restricted to indoor activities alone. You can find many elegant hotels, cabins, spots for aurora sighting, and plenty of guided outdoor adventures here.

If you are picking this from the travel trends in 2021, then don’t miss out on the magnificent Aurora Ice Museum!

Thermal Springs - The Chena Hot Springs

If you are enjoying the thought of these thermal springs around the world, we have more options. The next one is,

Yangpachen Hot Spring

Let’s see. We have already spoken about four of the best thermal springs around the world. What can be unique about the Yangpachen thermal spring then?

People of Tibet believe this thermal spring to have healing properties. Yes, they say that this thermal spring can cure diseases or strengthen the body. A lot similar to the Pamukkale thermal spring, but has two indoor warm pools and one outdoor swimming pool!

It lies on the southern slope of the Nyenchen Tangua Mountains of Tibet. So, you know that this has that soak with a view benefit included. Most of the tourists love to take a bath or swim in these thermal springs. If you are adding this thermal spring to your bucket list, then you should also know that;

  • Do not soak in the spring 1 hour before/after meals. 
  • Make sure to take off all your metal jewellery before bathing (the minerals aren’t jewellery friendly) 
  • Don’t not stay in the thermal spring for more than 15-20 minutes. 

Next, to the best thermal spring in Italy;

Saturnia Thermal Baths

It is best known as the oasis of wellness! The health benefits of this particular thermal spring are innumerable. Let me list some of them out for you; 

  1. Skin conditions like Acne, Eczema, Mycosis
  2. Osteoarthromuscular conditions such as arthrosis
  3. Painful muscular contractions
  4. Rheumatism

These health benefits are not restricted because they also extend to the peace and harmony of your mind. The health benefits of this particular thermal spring come from the rich sulphur in the water.

Although some of the visitors complain of an ‘eggy’ smell in the water due to excessive sulphur, it is not so very often. The Terme di Saturnia spa specifically at the thermal springs offers therapy for ailments like constipation, obesity, and gastric problems!

This thermal spring of Saturnia attracts many tourists to visit the village. It is the right spot for sunb bnathing or even for an afternoon picnic in the outdoors (because it’s less crowded). Not just that, but a thermal waterfall also surrounds the thermal spring. So picturesque, you’ll see! 

We recommend you visit the place on weekdays and in the offseason if you want to avoid the tourist rush!

Thermal Springs - Saturnia Thermal Baths

Next on the list is the mystical thermal springs in India;

Kheer Ganga

Kheer is a type of Indian pudding made out of boiling milk and sugar. The relevancy to this and the thermal springs? It is the purity of this thermal spring and its white colour! As mouth-watering as the pudding may sound, the thermal springs of Kheer Ganga also is a feast for your soul.

Out of the best thermal springs in the world, this thermal spring in India highlights the Asian warmth. I know all thermal springs around the world provide warmth! Then why is this exceptional? Because the warmth you receive from this is amidst the cold Himalayas that surround!

For the best experience of the thermal springs of Kheer Ganga, we recommend you to take a long trek to the destination.

Thermal Springs - Kheer Ganga

I know the Kheer is a bit tempting. But, before you get a cup of pudding for the cravings, read about the next three thermal springs!

La Gruta Hot Springs

La Gruta is a beautiful relaxation spot in Mexico set in the gorgeous green lands of the country. It’s one of the world’s best thermal springs that you can boast about visiting! Why?

Because it is set in the city that was ranked as the ‘best city in the world to visit’ in 2017 and 2018!

I know that, obviously, you would not want to choose this thermal spring for that one reason. So, what other specialities does La Gruta hold?

The ‘Gruta’ itself!

The Gruta or Grotto is from where hot water gushes from a tube high in the wall of a dark rocky cave. As adventurous as it may sound, the added speciality to the Grotto is the dark tunnel that takes you to it.

Besides the uniqueness of the open pool’s location, La Gruta is also best known for its water massages! It is something that attracts a lot of tourists. I mean, who wouldn’t like their head and shoulders relaxed by the gushing thermal waters?

For those who are looking for more than just thermal water massages, you still have plenty to do! Eat from La Gruta’s restaurants, boutiques, and bars! Walk into the juice bar for some tropical refreshment.

Don’t forget; you won’t have encountered the La Gruta fully if you don’t utilize that dark tunnel to the thermal spring. Watch out for it.

Next out of the last three, is the thermal springs in Bali!

Banjar Hot Springs

As traditional as the name sounds, Banjar hot springs is a ‘must-visit’ in your times in Bali! The temple-like architecture at this thermal spring makes this geothermal bath of Bali an exceptional beauty. It is not just the cultural aspect but the geography I am telling you about. Isn’t that what we look for in our search for mental peace? The thermal springs here are amid lush tropical grounds. Three pools receive natural hot spring water that is spewing from the mouths of carved stone nagas. Nagas, yes. Meaning, a ‘semi-divine race, part human, part cobra in the form.’ It creates a whole cultural vibe as you soak in the thermal waters of Banjar. Best for some traditional photographs you can cherish. I also think if post-cards are still a tradition not lost from you, this spot has views!

Thermal Springs - Banjar Hot Springs

And now to the final one from the top ten thermal springs in the world.

Termas Geometricas

Chile is well known for climbing, trekking, paddling, and cycling. We know! That is why Termas Geometricas thermal springs is a paradise in Chile for relaxation. Besides being a go-to place in Chile for tranquillity, it is a perfect pick for couples and design enthusiasts! The Asian-inspired, red-planked maze you can see in this photograph is one of my most favourite part of the thermal spring. It gives an excellent adventure vibe. Like, taking you through an adventure, then leading you to calmness! The Termas constitutes of 17 beautiful slate hot springs set upon a verdurous canyon. The rushing stream underneath is not to be missed out. 

The overall peace that the Termas gives is unique, given that it promises rest after exhausting adventures in Chile!

Thermal Springs - Termas Geometricas

Voila! I hope you now have a good insight into these exceptional thermal springs in the world. If you think we have missed out on any thermal springs that you need information about, let us know in the comments below.

 Oh, and I almost forgot to give you the most important news!

At Travel Center UK, we offer you most of the exclusive deals containing thermal springs! If you have not checked them out yet, then check out our holiday deals 2021.

For more information and guidance, talk to our friends at Travel Center now. They are always ready to give you the best support in choosing your serene getaways.

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