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Top 10 Food Items and Cuisines Around the world

Travelling opens you up to an endless amount of possibilities, and one of those opportunities include the amazing food you’re going to come across, while it is inevitable to capture the prominence of all these amazing meals in just one article, I have narrowed down the best street and affordable food from several restaurants and traditional cuisine from around the world, some of them are classical and incorporated in your regular day to day meals but with a little twist. Keep reading to find out more about the food that’s going to crawl through your mind forever.

1. Cachapas y mas, New York City

The Venezuelan corn cake tastes as good as it looks and trust me, I’m not exaggerating. This cheesy goodness is wrapped in a delicate golden-brown batter made from sweet corn and is filled with premium Venezuelan cheese and melted mozzarella, topped with parmesan cheese and is drizzled with nata, the Venezuelan sour cream. But wait, there’s more! In addition to traditional fillings, you can also customize it to your preference, so you can fill it with chicken, bacon or if your vegetarian you can exclude meat and savour what you desire the most. Cachapas are for everyone!

2. K & K Soul food

Who doesn’t love soul food? Just the thought of it is enough to make anyone’s stomach rumble. But just in case you don’t know what it means, soul food is a term used for an ethnic cuisine that originates from African American culture. Soul food consists of, glazed beef ribs that are seasoned to perfection, you’ll love the way how the seasoning compliments the hearty richness of the tender beef, juicy and flavourful pork chops that smells good, looks better and tastes like it is the best thing in the world, collard greens, and the all-time classic favourite, fried chicken. Soul food is available in almost every restaurant there is, so go indulge in a fiery cuisine full of flavour and good food that is cooked from the heart because as we all know, food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.

3. All’antico vinaio sandwiches, Florence, Italy

Wait, before you question why this made it on the list, I have to tell you that we’re not talking about regular sandwiches you can find anywhere, were talking about sandwiches you can only find in the one only all’antico vinaio in Florence, Italy. All’antico Vinaio is a must-try when visiting Florence. What makes their sandwiches different is that they are made with a local bread called schiacciata and are prepared right in front of you; customized as per your request and provides you with an endless selection of cold cuts, cheese, and homemade creams like truffle cream and artichoke cream. The taste is absolutely divine and like nothing you’ve ever tried before, with the flavours of several ingredients mixing together you experience an epic outburst of vivid sensations as you bite into the juicy flavour packed sandwich.

4. Uncle Rikuro’s cheesecake, Tokyo

Adored around the world, Uncle Rikuro’s cheesecake has become lodged into the daily lives of people. From kids to adults everyone loves these cakes because there’s just no way to resist the temptation. bite into the giant slice of fluff and you’ll know what it feels like to eat a really sweet cloud. The sponge is soft but still but rich in flavour, however, in case this is a bit mild for your taste, you can dip a slice of your cake into melted chocolate because…why bother drizzling it with chocolate when you can just have a souffle cheesecake drenched in melted chocolate.

5. Plant power, California

Plant power fast food is a 100% vegan fast-food chain in California and the chain serves everything from buffalo wings to chicken burgers. Plant power acts as a vessel for social change and is rapidly expanding across the west coast. The “meat” is a mix of non-GMO soy protein and almost tastes like the real deal. The food itself is a treat backed up by the amazing service they give, savour the chewy buffalo wings that are coated with the sheer tanginess of their sauce that exuberantly sets you apart from the real world. With more number of people choosing the vegan lifestyle, plant power will fill in any gap in your stomach that lurks with the desire to consume meat.

6. Dominique Ansel Bakery, London

An Instagram worthy location indeed, with both its food and interior being very much aesthetically pleasing, the Dominique Ansel bakery is an ideal location for a horrendously amazing time with your family and friends. Try their most ordered watermelon soft serve that serves ice cream made with fresh watermelon juice and is served in a slice of watermelon sourced from Italy. But that’s not all, Dominique Ansel is known for other desserts like cronuts, Frozen S’mores, cinnamon roll latte, macaroons, and the zero-gravity chiffon cake (yes, you read that correctly). So, head to Dominique Ansel bakery to taste the peak of culinary innovation.

7. Guadalajara Hacienda’s fried ice cream, Houston, Texas

Available almost everywhere, however, the fried ice cream in Guadalajara Hacienda stands out in comparison. Enjoy a soft scoop of ice cream rolled in a crunchy crust of your choice from bread crumbs, corn flakes or Oreos, bite into the crunchy outer layer and get rewarded by the soft melting ice cream oozing out and blending with the chocolate sauce or whipped cream that tops your dessert, you’ll love every moment of this if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

8. Sri Lanka’s culinary treasure

Make sure you’ve got time to visit the gem of south Asia and indulge in the widespread cuisine consisting of the most cultural food on the island. From curries that heat your taste buds to subtle delicacies that capture the essence of mild flavours infused with the overall richness of the cuisine, Sri Lanka has it all! Some of the most famous food from Sri Lanka are the fish ambul thiyal, kottu, Lamprais, and polos. Full of flavour and tradition, this is one cuisine you should try for yourself in restaurants like curry pot and Upali’s by Nawaloka.

9. India’s invigorating cuisine

visit the famous Saravana Bhavan to try everything a local would have in their day to day life, from crispy dosa’s dripping with the clear taste of ghee, to aloo gobi a mix of cauliflower and potatoes used with multiple Indian spices to create an unimaginable taste that perplexes you and leaves you wanting more.

but savoury dishes are not the only speciality in India, the country is also home to some of the most delightful sweets like jalebi, gulab jamun, laddu, and boondi.

10. Lomo saltado Morena Peruvian Kitchen, Peru

one of Peru’s best home dishes ever, the lomo saltados a popular, traditional Peruvian dish, a stir fry that typically combines marinated strips of sirloin (or other beef steaks) with onions, tomatoes, French fries, and other ingredients which creates a wondrous dish that has a bit of all kind of flavours;  from tangy to spicy,and is usually served with rice. be sure to visit Morena Peruvian Kitchen to get the best version of this dish.

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