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Ticket prices see massive drop because of the coronavirus

Ticket prices see massive drop because of the coronavirus

As the novel coronavirus lashes out from every direction, the travel industry has teamed up with the one possible factor that hypnotises even the most hesitant traveller – cheaper ticket prices. With the industry, including the airlines, set to take a hit worth a few billion, the damage control seems to be setting in, as travellers around the world appear to be capitalising on the less wallet-wrenching fares.

Almost every traveller would have a field day with this drop if it was not for the warnings issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These mandatory regulations seem to bind down some weary travellers, but as the temptation rises, more people have reportedly bought the newly priced tickets.

Tourism is not flourishing as of right now; by any means, the novel coronavirus, which was recently crowned as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, still shows no sign of slowing down. As it has now officially infected over 126,000 and killed over 4,500 people around the world. So, the perception of offering lower-priced tickets to elevate the hopes of travel seems strategic, to say the least.

As opposed to the predicted reaction, Millennials seem to have made the best of a bad deal! With a sprint of uproarious excitement, college students and other budding travellers have seized this as an opportunity to live life to the fullest while they still can. Flooding Twitter and other social media platforms with an extensive range of TikTok’s and meme’s that spark with dark humour.

So, for the people asking the million-dollar question “should I go ahead and book a cheap holiday?”

While you might sign up for more than what you bargained for, there are still ways you could dodge the infectious throws of the virus on your getaway to find whatever that laced with your wanderlust. These rules have been quoted and coveted at every part of the internet by now, but the key factors include washing your hand, keeping your distance away from fellow humans who seem infected and visit the doctor at the slightest hint of a possible symptom.

However, mass public congregations have been cancelled and walking into a sprawling airport full of people you do not know seems like the definition of what you should not be doing at times like these. Nevertheless, low prices are low prices!

All risks considered, visiting a country with a low statistic of the virus might also be of assistance to a specific measure. If the country does not seem drenched in confirmed cases of the global infection, then you might not have much to contemplate over. However, if second thoughts over travelling fill your headspace as you read this, you’ll have to assess the fine print of your travel agreement. Apparently, a pandemic that threatens the existence of life on earth does not get you your money back.

In conclusion, keep up with the novel coronavirus through our live updates and read through our article, highlighting the 16 airlines dropping change fees as a reflection of the outbreak. Finally, we hope you travel safely if you do, in fact, decide to book a holiday!

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