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These countries will not quarantine you during your holiday

THE UK is imposing a 14-day quarantine for anyone re-entering the country, along with other countries in Europe.

France has signalled they will follow the UK’s copy of the 14-day quarantine, while Greece is trying checks but still requiring seven to 14 days of self-isolation.

While the UK isn’t the only country proposing strict measures, other countries are seeing at alternative methods to allow people to resume travelling. Temperature checks and coronavirus checks are all being tried instead to passengers coming at the airport.

It is worth recording, however, that a positive outcome of the coronavirus is likely to happen in an enforced quarantine

While you will have to quarantine when entering the UK from next week, here are some of the destinations you won’t need to quarantine in when touring.


Keflavík Airport in Iceland is holding anyone that enters the country with a free coronavirus test from June 15. Operating with the National University Hospital of Iceland, travellers who test negative can then enter the country right away.

Travellers can also confirm they do not have the virus with a medical certificate, and a tracking app will need to be used throughout the duration of the stay.


Portugal’s PM Antonio Costa has announced Brits preparing to go holiday to areas like the Algarve would not be quarantined.

Mr Costa said no places of mainland Portugal had made people self-isolate when they came to the country, and that policy would remain. This also includes Madeira, who allow travellers to enter who have a negative coronavirus test inside 72 hours.


While Spain is currently implementing a compulsory two-week quarantine, this is to be lifted from June 21 onwards.
Anyone then entering the country will not be limited to self-isolate for two weeks.

This might not add Brits; however – Spanish Transport Minister Jose Abalos said the quarantine conditions would only be lifted earlier than the proposed July 1 date. So test runs can take place, including holidaymakers from countries with low coronavirus infection rates.


Italy is raising its quarantine limitations from June 3, which includes the UK. Travellers won’t be asked to self-isolate for weeks when entering the country “giving that for the 14 days before they arrive in Italy, they have physically resided in their country of departure”.


Vienna Airport is giving passengers coronavirus tests upon arrival, which take three to six hours. The test costs £166 per head which, if negative, cancels the need to quarantine for two weeks. If not, the person will need to self-isolate for two weeks.


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