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The travel trends 2022 has in store for you!

With 2021 not being the cup of tea for many travellers, we’re expecting some drastic changes in 2022. This year our holiday plans came to a face-off with the pandemic, delaying our destination needs which we needed so bad, but in 2022 it’s all about getting back on track with our suitcases. Let’s go with the flow for travel trends 2022 and make up for the days we missed out on travelling and putting that wanderlust to rest. 

What are the trends for travel in 2022? We’re going to answer that right away for you to start planning. 

Be prepared for 2022 with these trends to look out for when planning your holiday!

1. Choose a long-haul destination
2. Finally, about your dream holiday!
3. Staycations all the way
4. Leaving the stress behind in 2021
5. It’s Family Time!
6. Celebrate your birthday on holiday

Choose a long-haul destination

travel trends 2022 - Choose

Hong Kong has a new world-class gallery for art lovers, and it looks like Australia might reopen its borders to travellers in March; I mean, if this isn’t a sign for you to book a long-haul holiday, we don’t know what is! 

If you haven’t gone on a holiday for some time now, we’re glad to let you know that travel trends 2022 is all about planning your holiday to a long-haul destination. It can be an extended holiday, making up for all the time you spent at home dreaming about sitting on a white-sand beach in the Philippines or simply taking a stroll on the streets of New York. 

I mean, who doesn’t want to forget about the pandemic for a while? And if you miss packing up, we sure know you do! 

We also recommend making your travel story for 2022 a little more special by choosing premium hotels and upgrading rooms if you are travelling after a long gap. Let’s face it, it’s the experience that stays in your memory after returning home, so it’s all about making it happen the right way! 

Oh, and you can look out for destinations that are turning up the heat with special celebrations to get the groove on for 2022! With Jamaica celebrating its 60 years of independence in 2022 along with Brazil getting ready for colourful carnivals, parades, fireworks and fiestas to commemorate an independence anniversary, you know what to do! 

Some destinations we suggest – 
  • Brazil
  • Dominican Republic
  • New York
  • Hong Kong
  • Qatar
  • Jamaica

Finally, about your dream holiday!

travel trends 2022 - Dream destination

Amadeus calls it ‘savouring the now’.

Only if we had magical powers to predict the future, but we don’t; let’s not wait to see what the future holds to plan your dream holiday as many people just want to plan their special holiday in 2022 rather than dreaming about travelling for another year. 

Yes, travel trends for 2022 include planning your dream holiday with a bang as it’s the year of the bucket list. 

Unleash your wildest holiday dreams and see how magical it turns out to be. We all have different choices when it comes to our dream destinations and how we choose to spend time; it’s all about taking the time to decide. It can be based on white-sand beaches, luxury hotels in the Maldives or even some adrenaline rush in Sedona as undiscovered hiking trails call out for an adventure. 

See what your wanderlust decides according to the travel trends!

Tips for choosing the destination according to your type of ”wow” factor – 

If you love animals and wildlife safaris – The hotspot to choose from would be Nairobi, Kenya. (Here’s how to make the most of your holiday in Kenya)

History buffs who love a little exploring and all about ancient castles, museums, and French Gothic churches, then Loire Valley in France invite you for a time of your life. 

If extravagant overwater bungalows and thrilling water sports come into your mind, It’s the one and the only Maldives that will make your dream holiday a reality. 

Discovering enchanted sceneries and the true beauty of nature, and if you’re thinking about adoring the coloured night sky in a glass-roofed room, you’ve already thought about Finland. 

If you are someone who loves exotic food and cultural experiences, then Japan has to be on your bucket list. Filled with temples, traditional accommodation ideas and colourful festivals, it’s a treat to the sight. 

Staycations all the way

travel trends 2022 - Staycation

What are the trends for travel in 2022 when you don’t want to leave your home country?

If you are not much of a risk-taker when travelling with family or loved ones, travel trends change according to your convenience and introduce you to staycations. Visiting the delights of the UK has been a favourite for many over the years, but this time, the pandemic helps to see a rise in the number of people who would choose this option.

 When looking for the perfect place to set foot on, we discover the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands are not the only beautiful gems you can find close to home.

It can be a way to experience staying in cottages that are luxurious or even the ones that give you a feeling of being in a fairy tale movie. Still, it’s all about choosing a suitable staycation destination first. 

Perfect for staycations and why –

Cornwall – 

Cornwall is on the side of giving you a traditional seaside feel. Away from the buzz of the city, let the tranquillity reach you as you take long walks on the beach while grabbing fish and chips later. Talking about food, Cornwall doesn’t leave your tummy empty as you enjoy its features, discover the best beachside cafes and harbour restaurants that are a treat to your appetite. 

Devon – 

As the travel trends for 2022 brings staycations into the travel scene for many who haven’t really thought about travelling inside the UK, we’re glad to let you know about the wonders of Devon. Adventures, culture, relaxation and the list goes on to make each of your days better with nonstop shopping, water sports, and even two National Parks to explore. 

Scotland – 

Perfect for holidays with friends or even your loved ones as this city doesn’t sleep! Go on an adventure to spot the Loch Ness Monster or head to Glasgow or Edinburgh to experience the incredible culture. No matter how you spend it, don’t return back without tasting the diverse cuisine Scotland’s got to offer. 

Wales – 

Travel trends 2022 allows you to explore this spectacle! Make your way to the museum or start the day at the beach, or if you think that’s too basic for you to try, then hike up to Snowdonia and treat your sight to astonishing vistas. 

And if you want a detailed look at all of the locations, do take a look here – 

Leaving the stress behind in 2021

travel trends 2022 - Stress free

Travel trends for 2022 are not only to live your wildest holiday dreams but also to take a walk in a path filled with serenity to calm your mind and body from the stress 2021 had to offer.

Get ready to plan a tranquil escape that your heart longs for! 

You can choose from the best wellness spas and resorts worldwide like Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit in Mexico or Lefay Resort and Spa Lago di Garda in Italy, but there’s nothing like going for a natural spa experience to take a dip in the thermal waters. Yes, this time we’re going all-natural! 

Being considerably cheaper than your typical 5-star hotel spa, this will be the type of experience to choose after partying in Las Vegas by the start of 2022 when you need a change to calm your soul for a bit. 

Here are some spots to look out for when following the travel trends- 

Thermal waters in the Carpathian Mountains in Berehove – 

Berehove in Ukraine take you on an adventure in the Carpathian Mountains; the hot springs here are known for their healing qualities. Being rich in abundant minerals, this thermal water does miracles to your mind and body. 

The hot springs in Kaga –  

With many onsens (hot springs) to choose from all over Japan, the ones found at Kaga are the favourite for many. Explore Yamashiro, Yamanaka, Katayamazu and Awazu to discover four stunning natural spas that will extract any stress out of your mind. 

Hot springs found deep in the jungle in Quesada – 

There is a little adventure involved, making it perfect for holidays with friends! Quesada invites you on a journey deep into the jungle to discover thermal rivers that are guided into lush green cloudy pools filled with wonders to make your skin glow. You can also choose mud wraps and exfoliations as extras. 

It’s Family time!

travel trends 2022 - Family time

It’s a fun time for everyone in your family as trends in travel states 2022 is the best for family holidays. As multigeneration trips and family holidays for special occasions make their way to 2022, it’s all about planning a destination that suits everyone perfectly. 

It can be about a missed family interaction, re-celebrating birthdays or even some quality time together without worrying about the daily stress; The family breaks you choose to try this 2022 will not disappoint. 

Choose if you are the adventure-seeking family or the family with the water-babies to get the idea of the destination you are going for! 

Just to start with; It can be a beach holiday in South Africa or even an adventurous time in Bali, as it’s filled with activities that keep the energetic vibe strong all day; it’s all based on who you are travelling with mostly. 

Some destinations that are perfect for families – 

Santorini, Greece – Not just known as the romantic destination for couples, it’s also best for families who love a little exploring. Great swimming spots across the island, exciting boat tours, and attractions for history lovers are some of the features Santorini holds. 

Kalkan, Turkey – Ancient wonders await your visit as you plan your journey here to admire the breath-taking sights and enthralling nature trails that will make hiking your favourite thing to do in Turkey as a family. Also, it’s preferable to do if you travel with older kids and teens.

Riviera Maya, Mexico – A place suitable for both the young and the old. Explore the rich culture and history as this destination doesn’t stand back in meeting all of your expectations. Relaxing spots for teenagers, family attractions for elders and water-based parks for kids are some of the ways it chooses to make your family holiday a success.

Want more ideas to start planning? You can check it out here – 

Celebrate your birthday on holiday

When talking about travel trends 2022, the most important part is bringing back the need to travel without a second thought. The lockdown in 2021 made us miss out on celebrating some of the most important things in life, like birthdays and anniversaries, but 2021 is doing us a miracle of being the year of missed celebrations. 

It can be a grand birthday party in Las Vegas or something just to experience the beauty of celebrating after a while with the family in Ibiza, whatever the way you choose, it will be a memorable one without a doubt.

Pro tip: If you are planning to celebrate your birthday with your loved ones, make your way to Venice or Paris.

Some of the best unusual destinations to go for your birthday – 

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Bermuda
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Costa Maya, Mexico
  • Curaçao

The travel trends 2022 is here to make all of your holiday dreams come true. With the pandemic not letting us reach out for our boarding passes this year, we’re hoping to get back on track with the travel trends for 2022. Let’s plan to make it the year that holds more happy moments and beautiful memories.

New year wish

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