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The Top Things to Do and See in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Queenstown is certainly amid the world’s coolest locations to tour so book flight tickets and experience all it has to offer. You wouldn’t think a resort town of its magnitude to consists of so many appeals in. But actually, a swift look at the top things to see and do in this grand New Zealand destination is all that’s required to take away any lasting misinterpretation. All set to amass your travel bucket list? Then read on and plan your holidays to Queenstown right now. Travel Center will look into every aspect of your planning so that you can encounter this destination the best way possible!

Bungy Jumping at Kawarau Bridge.

The origin of New Zealand bungee is a certain must-tour for adventure tourists. As AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch took their initial leap during 1988, the Kawarau Bridge has sealed its place as one of the top bungee spots in the nation. If you’re up for a double-team task, the bridge is Queenstown’s one and only tandem jumping site.

Bungy from the Kawarau Bridge, the home of Bungy Jumping. Leap 43m from the historic Bridge. Near Queenstown in the Ogo region on the south island of New Zealand

Skiing at Coronet Peak.

Determined skiers and snowboarders would completely love Coronet Peak. The 1649-meter (5410-foot) tall mountain scale is famous for its wide snowy periods and diverse lands. Its namesake ski retreat is a sheer 25-minute trip from Queenstown and consists of a range of lift systems for all skills. Common slope runs comprise of the Big Easy (for trainees), the Shirtfront (intermediary), and the Backbowls (skilled).

Skiing at Coronet Peak Skifield, in Queenstown New Zealand

Jet Boating across Shotover River.

Unnecessary to mention, Queenstown is a thrilling sports fan’s fantasy. The Shotover River is one of the chief locations to go speeding around on a jet boat. Don’t get giddy, now: your water-borne escapade would comprise of rather a couple of 360-degree turns. When you’re going ahead, however, you’ll acquire an exceptional view of those river gorges… at a terrifying 85 kilometers (53 miles) per hour.

Trekking the Queenstown Hill.

Remarkable sights with a great workout to equal; the Queenstown Hill trekking path is fairly simple to handle, with the sheer trip typically taking a few hours to finish. Once you get to the peak, you’ll be awarded a complete view of the metropolis, which consists of an excellent view of Lake Wakatipu and the appropriately-titled Remarkables mountain scale.

Young man jumping on Queenstown hill with mountain scenery in the background during golden hour sunset in Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand. 

Wine sampling at Gibbston Valley.

Gibbston Valley is one of the most common wineries in the Otago area. Tourists could treat themselves with a brilliant range of natively-created cheeses and wines, while they appreciate the delightful wineries in the locality. During the winter months, you could snuggle up by the fireplace inside; when it’s more moderate you could enjoy the exterior courtyard. The Gibbston Valley cave trips are also a fascinating choice for agriculture fans.

Sightseeing the Queenstown Gardens.

If you want to getaway from the tiny-town haste, the calm Queenstown Gardens would be your sanctuary. The botanical garden is attractively immaculate and is just a 10-minute stroll from the metropolis. Once you get there, you’ll be able to immerse the beautiful hiking trails, abundant cape sights, and a spectacular display of flowers and plants.

Garden in Queenstown city, New Zealand

Going on picturesque road tour to Glenorchy.

Got a car handy? Then make the most of the stunning terrains encircling you. The trip from Queenstown to Glenorchy is a preferred one with natives and travelers similarly and is ideally encountered at an unhurried stride. A few of those twisting roads are rather thin, but the picturesque sights are worth it. There are numerous The Lord of the Rings movie sites on the way — which includes the Dart River valley, which is residence to Isengard.

Taking the Sky Gondola Track to Bob’s Peak.

Also recognized as the Tiki Trail, the Sky Gondola path is a complimentary ticket to those peaceful post card sights. Literally: it’s a simple, self-led hike, that anyone could do. You’ll begin at the very foot of the gondola, zig-zagging across the wooded peaks and local bush. There are separate pursuits on this path, like a mountain biking track and a zip line if you need to make the infrequent stopover. Otherwise, you could carry on strolling up the peak to get to your attractive destination.

Walking about Lake Wakatipu.

You couldn’t get more beautiful than the beautiful Lake Wakatipu. This is the South Island’s second biggest glacial lake, coming in at just below 80-kilometers (50 miles) in length. It flanks numerous peaks, with many hiking paths that would let you value your settings. The Queenstown Gardens also has its own entry path to Lake Wakatipu. Trekkers passing across the Frankton Track could also enter the lake via a special track.

Scenic Willow trees in Lake Wakatipu, Glenorchy – New Zealand

Eating at Fergburger.

Over the years, this native burger spot has turned into an organization in its own right. Cheap fees and ample servings are the chief causes for it — you could normally feed yourself for NZ $20 or so. Several backpacker inns would have Fergburger coupons for tourists too. Due to its fame, though, you might want to think about ordering over the phone ahead of time— those lines could get extremely lengthy in the high season.

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