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The mystical attractions that will enchant you when Visiting Iceland!

Everything about Iceland is alarmingly beautiful; it’s like a god’s painting that came to life with just the right amount of magic infused in the air. Take every step, feel every touch and admire the art that gives aesthetic pleasure to your soul. Visiting Iceland can be the perfect antidote to your much needed holiday anticipation. Why wait? Start the journey of finding magical landscapes wherever you and be astonished by them! 

The aesthetically pleasing northern lights! 

 As the sky plays its song of beautiful colours that dance gracefully; The northern lights are an ‘out of the world’ experience. The shimmering lights await for you to catch the first glimpse of its beauty and then moves forward to cast a love spell that will have you adoring it continuously. This spectacle hugs you with heart-warming views that light up your soul with a wholesome feeling, saving the thought of visiting Iceland again in your mind. With many things to do in Iceland, the northern lights still top the list of most loved attractions.

Travel to Iceland For the Love of Blue Lagoon. 

On the volcanic landscape lies the geothermal wonder, the blue lagoon, with all the amenities that makes it a place worth visiting on your trip to Iceland. The lavish treatment here takes your spa day to the next level and makes your travel to Iceland extra special. Let this super power-filled blue water heal your mind and body with its essence of serenity. The list of places to see in Iceland is immense, and the blue lagoon will undoubtedly be a personal favourite after your first visit!

Whale watching is something to look out for! 

Visiting Iceland - Whale Watching

The world’s largest creature feasts your eyesight, appearing right before your eyes, giving you the chance to admire its stunning looks. A tremendously beautiful sight awaits your arrival as it will hold a magical memory from your travel to Iceland. Luring all sea lovers to hop right on when visiting Iceland, if you are looking to explore a bit more along with your snorkelling tour, the whale watching tour will fit as an exceptional add-on to your dream itinerary.  

The stunning golden circle is breathtaking! 

 Be awestruck by the charmers working together to fascinate you on your travel to Iceland. Let your soul be infused with tranquillity as you come face to face with the waterfall goddess; The Gullfoss waterfall blesses your sight with its cracking elegance. Iceland is picture perfect! Witness the Strokkur geyser as it spouts water 30 meter high; maybe a perfect time to snap your best photo of it? Finally, ending the tour by making your way to the Thingvellir national park would be the ideal way to end your day when visiting Iceland. 

Snorkelling and scuba diving are on their way to impress you. 

Visiting Iceland - Scuba Diving

Dive right in to explore the aquatic amazement; the underwater world has always been a mystery, and we’re curious to know at least half of it! The crystal-clear waters give you a clear picture of the beauty that hides within, making you feel peace of mind and see the shades of blue that plays blissful music as your make your way. Diving into the things to do in the Iceland catalogue, Snorkeling and scuba diving are options to let your mind swim calmly in nature’s gift. This one is for the experience of a lifetime!

The visually spectacular Hallgrimskirkja!  

Visiting Iceland - Hallgrimskirkja

A must-see on a traveller’s mind. This Lutheran parish church in the heart of Reykjavik steals the show with its boundless beauty. Standing 15 meters tall in height, it offers unparalleled views of the city as a gift to the sight. 

Take a stroll and read the noble stories of the Hallgrimskirkja; the awe-inspiring architecture is something to be talked about. This work of art does not stand back in beauty in all the places to see in Iceland. Taking you into a journey of admiration, the Hallgrimskirkja flaunts its glorious display of grandeur.

It’s a story of volcanos and lakes; The lake Myvatn. 

Visiting Iceland - Lake Myvatn

When Jotting down all the things to do in Iceland; This volcanic lake is a sight that stands as a unique option, surrounded by many great sites to visit. Take a walk to the caldera of Krafla volcano to see its erupting resplendence, A fan of hiking? The Leirhnjukur hiking trail has you covered! Adding more points to the attraction meter, the mývatn nature baths top the list with their heated pools and steam baths that hold the hearts of the day-trippers who prefer a bit of tranquillity with their geothermal treatment. If your mind walks towards the quiet and less tourist cramped places to see in Iceland, then the mývatn nature baths are the spot for you! 

 Skaftafell Ice Cave, Vatnajökull National Park

Visiting Iceland - skaftafell

As the ice caves and glaciers brag about its enticing excellence; the ice caps sparkle with beauty as it unwraps its glamour. This national park holds a five-star rating on the places to see in Iceland list, along with the presence of the Vatnajökull glacier and its surroundings which is a treat to the people who visit. Skaftafell Ice Cave is a place where the magic happens, which is open to exploring all year-round. This blue paradise is the home to stunning views that will make your heart jump with joy. 

Visiting Iceland and thinking of just the perfect tours to be on your itinerary? You’re looking at the right choice now! 

Atv trekking across the rugged lava fields! 

Visiting Iceland - Lava Fields

 An unforgettable adventure awaits, with all the thrilling things to do in Iceland, presenting the best way to see nature posing gracefully is by an Atv bike. With the views that will catch your attention as you pass by, it’s time to get up close and personal with the country’s most artistic natural environment while riding up dormant volcanos. You might even catch a glimpse or two of cute wild Icelandic ponies on your way (get ready for the cuteness attack).  

Natural wonders of Iceland; The Glacial Lagoon. 

Visiting Iceland - Glacial Lagoon

Coming up on the table of places to see in Iceland that has hidden striking beauty, this tour is a boat ride in the glacial river lagoon that holds the sceneries of icy heaven. When passing by these enormous ice chucks that are close enough to touch, you’ll lose yourself in the glittering sensation that you can’t take your eyes off from. The atmosphere is filled with serenity, and out of the many reasons why it’s loved by many are the sceneries of whitish-blue hugging your sights. If you are lucky enough, you might spot the northern lights on your way as well! Take the chance and find out about this tour that gives out heart-melting vibes throughout the journey.

Sky Lagoon, a blissful experience! 

Source : Pursuit Collection

This oceanfront geothermal lagoon is an experience that will stand out from the rest; the beauty of the lagoon exceeds the expectations with the views it holds. The natural infinity pool looks out to the ocean giving you a feeling of delight, as it’s all just magical from there! 

Iceland can be a dream come true for many as this destination is the purest form of natural beauty. With the heart-stirring sceneries and all the things to do in Iceland, there’s no doubt you will return for your next holiday to this magical paradise. Travel to Iceland now and be captivated by its charm!  


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