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The Most Magnificent Constructions to Tour in Athens.

Everyone would admit that Athens is n structural heaven for anyone fascinated in a wealthy and exceptional structural blend. Mixing structural jewels from the Hellenistic, Roman and Classical times and also new structural designs comprising of post-modern and neoclassical, here are the five most magnificent constructions to tour in Athens. Booking flights to Athens would offer you the chance to experience the best and most impressive constructions ever!  

The Acropolis.

It is difficult to write an article about the most magnificent constructions in Athens without talking about the Acropolis, it is so emblematic. Positioned on a stony peak over the metropolis, the shrine on the summit of the Acropolis, The Parthenon, was committed to the deity Athena, who was the guardian of the nation, and from whom Athens takes its title. The other numerous memorials which make up the Acropolis consist of the Temple of Athena, Nike, the Erechtheion and the Propylaea.    

The Acropolis Museum.

Created by Bernard Tschumi Architects of New York/Paris with Michael Photiadis of Athens as a native assistant architect, the current Acropolis Museum finished during 2009, is situated in the Makryianni region, right in front of the Acropolis. The gallery is held up by nearly 100 solid columns, as the structure was built over the remains of the historic metropolis. The top levels of the gallery are fashioned with glass walls, which carry lots of normal light inside, while the Parthenon Gallery provides magnificent sweeping sights of the Acropolis and the present metropolis of Athens.   

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre.

The striking, environmentally maintainable city compound of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre was made by Renzo Piano. The National Opera and the National Library moved to the SNFCC during the fall of 2017 and the construction comprises of a 1400-seat opera theatre and also a 400-seat cinema. Completely contemporary and simple, the structure was constructed on a synthetic hill and is encircled by a stunning park and a synthetic lake.   

The Neoclassical Trilogy.

Okay, we know we tricked you, but once you’ve viewed the Trilogy, you’ll know why. Situated in the middle of the metropolis on Panepistimiou Street, these three neoclassical constructions, which consists of early Roman, Renaissance, and Greek components, are the University, the National Library of Greece and the Academy of Athens. These spectacular structures were constructed during the mid the 19th century by two Bavarian designers, Theophil Hansen and Ernst Ziller, who also constructed the Numismatic Museum of Athens. During that period, the neoclassical type was an effort to link contemporary Greece to its traditional history, bringing about magnificent constructions and stylish elements.

The Greek Parliament.

Constructed during 1842, the Greek Parliament, which was the home of the Greek imperial family, is situated on the northern part of the well-known Syntagma courtyard. The three-level structure was created by another Bavarian designer, Friedrich von Gärtner. It was during November 1929 that it was transformed into the Greek Parliament.


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