The Girl’s Guide to Hiking Solo

The Girl’s Guide to Hiking Solo.

What can possibly make you more independent, sturdy, and skilful than solo hiking? Perhaps nothing!   

But, if you are planning solo hiking trips you need more research and experience, the girl’s guide to hiking solo would offer you just that. We care about your safety and want your initial solo hiking trips to be as triumphant as possible. That’s why we organized the girl’s guide to hiking solo so that all girls know before hitting the trail. Grab our unbeatable deals and head out on your solo hiking vacations!

Try out your equipment a week prior to the adventure

The first thing to do in the girl’s guide to solo hiking will be when you’re travelling on your own, make sure your equipment is as prepared as you are:

All tools need to work correctly and be free of corrosion.

Every fastener on your backpack and outfits have to function well.

Your clothes and shoes need to be without holes.

If you take a bike, test the chain, brakes, wheels.

Make sure there are no leaks in the kitchenware and water reservoirs.

Request a friend or relative to watch your back

In the girl’s guide to solo hiking trips, we also remind you always to tell a person you trust when you’re heading out. You’ll seem more relaxed if there is someone who knows where you went and when you have to be back.   

What type of details should you offer this person?

The map of your trip, main destinations, date and time of your arrival, campground site and information, coordinates from time to time, and when you have received a phone call from someone.

Always look at weather reports

During solo hiking vacations, learn that when picking destinations, you always need to study numerous weather reports. For instance, AccuWeather is a useful source that forecasts precise temperatures, pressure systems, and other conditions. Mountain Forest forecasts the weather on various mountain peaks all over the USA. The forecasts could even filter by altitude; for every 1,000 meters you hike, the temperature and snow prediction varies

Construct your first aid kit cautiously

Mainly for solo hiking, girls need to organize their first aid kits more cautiously than when they’re travelling in a set.

And here are a few things to double-check in your kit:

Expiration dates of tablets, additional batteries for thermometers, other digital gadgets, clear organization of the items, correctly written labels of medications, and you have to also improve your equipment list to the surrounding settings and climate.

Don’t listen to music on a hike

Wearing earbuds on a hike could be very risky. Even on day hiking, you have to be attentive to plenty of things around you. When you’re listening to music, you wouldn’t hear the bear breathing before the attack, or the shaking of rocks before the landslide. There are lots of sounds to warn you of a hazard, so shouldn’t you be able to hear them? And aren’t noises an attractive portion of being on the trail?

Keep your cell phone charged

On your solo hiking vacations, remember to keep your smartphone charged. You’ll need it in case of injury, getting lost, or other hazards. Even the existence of cell phone offers numerous women a sense of security. There are also various hiking apps you can use, but remember to save your battery for emergency circumstances. If your battery wears out fast, don’t forget to take a power bank.

Learn how to send an emergency signal

Lastly, in the girl’s guide to solo hiking —never begin a trip without knowing how to cry for help. There are plenty of ways to convey a signal. One of them is to utilize a GPS messenger, and you have also to know how to transmit SOS signals with flashlights and fire.

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