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The Emirates resume flights to 9 destinations with new safety measures!

Emirates has restarted frequent passenger flights from the Dubai International Airport to nine destinations with a set of new safety methods applying from 21st May. The nine destinations to which Emirates is operating include London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, Chicago, Madrid, Sydney, Toronto and Melbourne. The airline is allowing connections in Dubai for travellers travelling between the UK and Australia.

The chief office of Emirates stated;

“Emirates is executing a comprehensive set of standards at every step of the traveller’s journey to improve the sanitisation of all touchpoints…The risk of developing an infection on an aircraft is already low, but we have pitied no effort in analysing and redesigning every step, from check-in to disembarkation.”

Check-in with Emirates

Source: Emirates

Emirates has inaugurated complimentary hygiene kits, for every passenger upon check-in at the Dubai International Airport and on flights to Dubai. These kits include gloves, mask, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser. The hygiene kits supply a slew of extra measures already introduced to keep travellers safe.

Gloves and masks are compulsory for all travellers and employees at the airport in Dubai, while only masks are compulsory on Emirates flights. The airport team has also introduced protective barriers at each check-in counter and immigration counter, to provide added safety reassurance to passengers and operators during an interaction over the counter.

Emirates passengers on transit

Passengers travelling from Dubai International Airport, and those shifting onto another flight, will go within thermal screening upon disembarkation. Transfer counters at the airport have also been placed with protective barriers as a precautionary step. Airport staff, outfitted in personal protective equipment (PPE) will direct customers from a safe distance for further assistance. Customers will be given an extra hygiene kit at the gate before boarding their mixing flight.

Boarding in an Emirates flight

The boarding placement has been staggered, and passengers leave by row, from the last row to the first, in small numbers. The waiting area is also modified to ensure all customers follow social distancing. Emirates boarding agents, dressed in PPE, will aid the boarding sequence. The boarding doors are deep cleaned and sterilised after the boarding of each flight.

On-board with Emirates

Source: Emirates

All cabin crew on-board will be completely kitted out in PPE. To sustain the highest standards of protection and hygiene, Emirates has introduced a cabin service assistant (CSA) to the crew on flights over 1.5 hours. The CSAs will ensure washrooms are cleaned at regular intervals of every 45 mins. Each washroom is provided with sanitising soap and hand washing directions.

To reduce the risk of infection by impact, magazines or any reading material will not be accessible during this time. In premium classes, single-use menus and wine lists will be given to passengers. Comfort items such as mattresses, blankets, pillows, headphones and pastimes will be hygienically sealed. Emirates is providing service with hot meals, using cleaned cutlery and ceramics.

Cabin baggage will be checked-in, and customers can only carry essential items such as a laptop, purse, briefcase or baby items on board. Passengers are told to bring pens to fill out Health Declaration Forms wanted for some destinations.

Emirates flight and cabin crew

For the protection of the employees, Emirates’ flight and cabin crew are provided with vehicles for pick up and drop off at their residence, in the beginning, and end of their job. Delays in destination cities have been reduced where possible, and on long-haul flights, where delays are necessary, the crew are put up in individual rooms in hotels. On returning to Dubai, COVID-19 tests are done on all crew. Each crew member will undergo a 14-day quarantine period in their houses after every flight except they are on duty.

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