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The eco-friendly way of going on an astonishing holiday!

The love for travelling never really fades away. The curiosity builds up whenever you see a beautiful place, and the bucket list fills up with all your travel dreams. Take your travel plans to a conscious side where tourism doesn’t impact the environment. For starters, the best holiday destinations that come under eco-friendly travelling are abundant, but these go-to green destinations will have you loving the idea of eco-friendly holidays!. 

Iceland; an Eco-friendly wonder!

One of the best eco-friendly places to visit; on the top of our list is Iceland! Apart from being a gem when it comes to alluring beauty, it’s also one of the most eco-conscious destinations. Let me tell you why. 

The natural geothermal resources of Iceland give a helping hand for heat and electricity production. Being home to renewable energy resources, it’s also popular for its thermal pools that preach many health benefits out loud. Iceland is not only eco-friendly but also well known for its fjords, natural springs and volcanoes that make a great tour to go on if you are planning on visiting Iceland.

 Go green with the Netherlands

 Attracting you with its art and culture, Netherlands is an artistic masterpiece. Being the second-largest exporter of agricultural goods in the world, eco-farming in the Netherlands is a blooming success. It has already Succeeded 70% on its mission to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution, making its way up on the eco-friendly places to visit. Keeping its standards high in green technology, The Netherlands aims to focus on cleaning up rivers and improve waste management. Are you feeling a bit adventurous? Take the eco-friendly cycle routes and explore the windmills and tulip fields on your way! 

Eco-friendly holidays in Australia! 

When striving for ways to lead an eco-friendly life, Australia has an ample number of many national parks and heritage sites. Some of the eco-friendly places to visit in Australia are the Daintree rainforest, Lizard Island, Blue Mountains, Moreton Island, and the Freycinet Peninsula. The list goes on to amaze you with its magical wilderness. While promoting green power with large-scale carbon capture and storage programmes, Australia is in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint. As a true paradise for eco-friendly tourists to visit, Australia remains a phenomenal wonder. 

One of the best eco-friendly places to visit, Costa Rica!  

Costa Rica is the serenity filled soul of Central America, the green gem that gleams on the eco-friendly places to visit. Costa Rica aims at becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral country. Let’s talk about the fun involved in eco-tourism, shall we?

 In Costa Rica, you can experience the local farms, rainforests, go volcano hopping as you would be able to come across six active ones or enjoy a spa day with Costa Rica’s naturally powered spas. We’ve got all the reasons Costa Rica should be on your mind when you think of eco-friendly holidays.

Your eco-friendly holidays in New Zealand will be epic! 

The breathtaking natural landscapes, glittering rivers, unblemished beaches and, volcanic plateaus are some of the reasons why this country is an awe-inspiring spectacle. The country’s ecological heritage is held together by national parks, reserves and heritage sites that make tourists fall in love with this Eco-friendly destination. New Zealand is also one of the best holiday destinations if you are looking to explore a bit more of the wildlife or to experience different cultures. Altogether, this eco-friendly country is undoubtedly a star on the best eco-friendly holidays that sweep you off your feet. 

These are just some of the many amazing eco-friendly holiday destinations that we have listed out for you in this article. 

On the bright side, if you are looking for the best holiday destinations to start your eco-friendly travel; then this is it! 

All the options to make your holiday a bit more incredible with the cautious mind of protecting the environment around you! 

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