The Best Places to Have an All-Inclusive Holiday

The Best Places to Have an All-Inclusive Vacation

Imagine a holiday free of stress and hassle, and if you like things to be convenient ( I mean who wouldn’t? ), then all you got to do is take an all-inclusive holiday. Everything from your flight, the hotel, good food, unlimited beverages, a ton of activities are included in your stay, and all this for an affordable price. If you are feeling stressed out and tired of the daily grind and lifestyle routine, then a NO HASSLE retreat is the best antidote! The advantage of having everything you could possibly want right at your finger-tips is somewhat of a dream come true. May it be a family holiday, a romantic getaway, or an adventurous break, your next all-inclusive holiday deserves to be an extraordinary one, and nothing to beat a trip with gorgeous landscapes, striking beaches, various food, and warm, welcoming service that spreads from the tropics to the cities. Read on to see the best all-inclusive holiday destinations, that will offer you the most satisfying experiences on your next getaway!

What to Expect on an All-Inclusive holiday

All-inclusive resorts are excellent for families because everyone can be occupied with the many activities available for different age groups. If you’re on your honeymoon, there are plenty of adult-only resorts that offer private massages and spa treatments in a more sophisticated environment.

Also, keep in mind that all packages are not created the same. Certain resorts offer an extensive buffet, while others let you choose from an array of restaurants. When you opt for an all-inclusive holiday, the range of activities differs from one resort to the other. So, do adequate research on your preferred holiday resort and its destination.

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Where Can I go on an All-Inclusive holiday


A gorgeous island destination, known as the “Island of Gods” Bali has attractive beaches, a unique culture, abundant wildlife and lush green jungles. All-inclusive resorts in Bali are not widespread, but there are some exclusive resorts on the island that can bring your island dreams to life. These beautiful resorts have everything you could need from a tropical island getaway—private lodges, pools, restaurants, bars and loads of activities to keep you amused during your stay.

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The Maldives is a honeymooner’s paradise, with powder white sand, glistening turquoise waters and luxury beachfront resorts, that is perfect for an all-inclusive holiday where you can have a comfortable, hassle and stress-free getaway. There are plenty of all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives with picturesque landscapes and a laidback lifestyle. Some Maldives resorts also organise many watersports in their all-inclusive packages includes diving and snorkelling.

Sri Lanka

The ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’ Sri Lanka is a small miracle, a charming island lies just below India and is girdled by natural beauty, lavish jungles abundant with wildlife, humble people, rich culture and history. Sri Lanka is well worth going an all-inclusive holiday, with several resorts situated in small villages, beachfront, on verdant tea plantations or in lush rain forests. An all-inclusive package in Sri Lanka means you have plenty of things to choose from, city tours, wildlife safaris or even a relaxing beach holiday.

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Mallorca & Ibiza

The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca has taken a top spot on the list of all-inclusive holiday destinations. With stunning beaches that border its shores and dreamy resorts that give your holiday a brand-new meaning. Perfect atmosphere for spending a lazy day dabbling in the glowing waters in the Balearic Sea and resting on its bronze sands, on an all-inclusive holiday.

Ibiza is widely known as a traditional party island, and also a big contender in the all-inclusive resort circuit and booking an all-inclusive package is a convenient way to enjoy all the comfort and luxury throughout and a groovy night out!


Dubai is an ultra-modern, ultra-luxe destination ideal for a hassle-free retreat where you can unwind, knowing that everything will be taken care of? An all-inclusive holiday in Dubai is spending your holiday in the shoes of a King! Many of the popular all-inclusive resorts in Dubai comprise of star-class amenities, luxury with outstanding dining choices and activities which include watersports, spa treatments and other small details to make your holiday a memorable experience.


Sun-drenched beaches, striking blue lagoons and a blend of delicious cuisine can be found on the delightful volcanic island of Mauritius. An all-inclusive holiday will leave you in complete comfort and voyaging the reefs on shoal waters teeming with marine life and having a hand at a game of golf in their green golf courses. This makes Mauritius a wonderful holiday paradise.

Things You Get on an All-Inclusive Hotel That You Won’t Get at a Regular Hotel

  • A free minibar
  • Free water
  • Unlimited drinks (Depending on the resort)
  • VIP lounge areas
  • Kids activities
  • On-site entertainment
  • All-day Snacks

Thinking about an all-inclusive holiday? Travel Center has fantastic offers on all-inclusive packages. Revel in comfort as you dwell in modern rooms in a beautiful resort. So, call us or email us to book a stress-free the holiday in the destination of your dreams.


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