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The Best Mini Moon Destinations for Couples

Let me guess, you’re planning to get hitched, and the honeymoon factor is still up in the air? Well, surprise, surprise – we might have a solution. I mean, who needs a honeymoon when you’ve got the much better mini moon by your side? right?

To be completely honest – Weddings are super stressful. You’re just trying to get hitched, and all of a sudden, you have to invite relatives you didn’t know existed. Suddenly, you have to deal with dramatic aunts, kids who look cute but occasionally get on your nerves, the fault-finders of the family and that one person who thinks they’re turning it up on the dance floor but is actually just embarrassing themselves.

After wading through all that, a honeymoon (or in this case, a mini moon) where it’s just the two of you isn’t too much to ask! (Not even if you had a smaller ceremony. I believe in smaller wedding supremacy, just so you know.)

Why Choose Mini moons?

However, if you’re looking to save a little after going overboard on the wedding or just finding it difficult to take a lengthy honeymoon – a mini moon might be the answer to your questions.

Plus, with everything going on, it might be more of a challenge than usual to make your month-long honeymoon dream come true. That’s why we’re bringing you the ideal destinations to have your mini moon.

Oh, and if some of you didn’t know…

A mini moon is the shorter version of a honeymoon. It’s elaborate, much easier going on the wallet and above all, guarantees the same peace radiating experience in a much shorter time frame.

1) Cancun

Mini Moon - Cancun

Ah, Cancun, the ultimate party city. It fits you more if you’re single but who says you can’t have fun if you’re married? Cancun plays host to a vast array of resorts built just for grown-ups. So, if you’re in the mood for playful pool parties & theme nights instead of silent candle-lit dinners, Cancun is your stop, every other mini moon destination on this list can just pack it up and go home. It’s not even up for debate.

Also, before we move on, I heard that there’s this thing where couples think they’re boring or, in other words, ‘vanilla’ if they lean towards the less wild side of their mini moon. Now, first of all – that’s not true. Second of all, ‘vanilla’ doesn’t necessarily have to equate to bland, boring or bad – it’s just that you guys have your own thing. 

2) Iceland

Mini Moon - Iceland

Brr”, but make it more lovey-dovey. Your honeymoon in Iceland is going to be surrounded by vivacious sights, unpronounceable city names and a whole lot of tux-wearing birds known as Puffins. Iceland is a mix of teeth- clattering romance and fly-catching gape worthy attractions, meaning it’ll definitely keep you both on your toes and still have you wrapped in that blanket of romance everyone craves on their honeymoon. Sounds like a win-win situation to me; what about you? 

3) The Maldives

Mini Moon - Maldives

Over the years, I’ve grown to hate this country due to weighty endorsements that call it the ‘ideal honeymoon destination.’ But that’s because I’m insanely single. The Maldives itself is pure perfection. There’s nowhere that hits like the Maldives when it comes to an ocean-view love story. So, if you’re all about sunshine, see-through cerulean waves, and incomparable resorts built out of daydream fuel, then stop right here; you’ve found your mini moon destination.

4) Malta

Mini Moon - Malta

Keep the wow-factor going even after the reception with a trip to Malta. Not only is this mini moon destination comparatively cheaper than a lot of other places, its packed with sun-snuggling shores and lingering sights. It’s also got that in-your-face kind of resorts that go out of their way to make sure every little detail is tinged with romance. So, yeah, Malta really is one of the best places to take your mini moon.

5) Amsterdam

Mini Moon - Amsterdam

If the mini moon is the honeymoon’s quirky cousin, Amsterdam is possibly the best place to have one. Amsterdam plays host incredibly unique museums (ever dreamt of visiting an art gallery dedicated solely to cats? You’ll find it here), effortlessly-cool speakeasies, and enchanting open spaces for you and your better half to wander through, making it the ideal place to be for couples who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Well, there you go! Those are 5 of the best places to spend your mini moon. If you have any more questions about how Travel Center can help you craft a thorough mini moon for less than usual, you can always call us or drop a message.


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