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The Best Honeymoon Destinations in April 2020

April Honeymooners, this one is for you!

That’s right, it’s almost April! (might be a stretch, considering we’re months away) But hey, let’s start early…super early, unfortunately for me. However, this time we’re here with a list of destinations that are fit for the ideal honeymoon in April, so keep reading!

Places to Visit on your Romantic Odyssey

This month, we’ve carried over some favourites from March. For instance, the glory of Las Vegas and California surpasses a single month, spilling all of its offerings in their best version in April as well. So, I think it’s more than safe to say that you’ll still be reaping the benefits of visiting both these cities even in this month. 

Next, we’ve got Crete, Malta and the Balearic Islands all lined up as a part of our tropical specials! It’s no joke, these destinations let you wander about beaches that are beyond belief. Which means there’s more than just a spark of sunshine as an added incentive. This is one solid tanning experience you do not want to miss.

Moving along, we also bump into Japan and Washington, D.C; both in their prime time! If you make it soon enough, you’ll be able to gape at the overwhelming beauty of the cherry blossoms in both destinations. 

And if you’re one of the few people to ask “why Japan?” then we’ll be glad to tell you that Japan has some of the most unique places on earth, which include the spa-themed park with hot tub rollercoasters ( yes, you read that correctly), the cat island that tourists can visit to feed a clowder of cats who are always hungry despite eating more than they are supposed to (I can relate), the forest that has tales about visitors both seeing and hearing mourning ghosts at night (no thank you) and the abandoned Nara Dreamland, that’s not haunted but equally disturbing.

Meanwhile, Washington D.C. is the historical pillar of the states! Marking its spot on the itinerary of its tourists with museums and other monuments. Including the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington tower and an array of wildlife reserves.

Notable Mentions: because there’s no shortage of places to visit this month!
  1. Africa
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Australia
  4. Turkey
  5. The Philippines
To be Avoided…

Make it a point to cross off majority of the South-East Asian countries because they’re way too hot to handle. And I mean that in a bad way unless of course, you think you’re up for the heat. Also, countries like Zanzibar and Tunisia have a tendency to have heavy pours this time of the year. 

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