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The Best Beers in Rome

When you consider drinking in Italy, wine always initially comes into your head. Then negronis and spritzes pop in. Limoncello. Amaretto. Beer turns up rather low on this list. That’s a pity. Currently, we’re here to turn the flow. To begin linking Italia with brilliant beer in the thoughts of backpackers and tourists. Astonishingly, the ideal entry to the country’s varied scene is Rome. The Eternal City’s bar lifestyle is already famous and the beer locations are some of the top in the world. These leading sites mentioned are a sample of how amazing the Roman beer scene is. Take these references as a rough guide. Speak to beer-fans, bartenders, and bottle store owners and light your own sud-soaked trail across the metropolis.    

L’Osteria di Birra del Borgo

This is one of those spots that tourists dream about. It’s completely everything you need from a Roman food encounter. Really… this place rules. There are eight “Le Birra della Casa” or house beers on tap. These are home-grown triumphs which have been selected specially to couple with del Borgo’s wonderful risottos, pizzas, sandwiches, and pastas. They also have around 13 or 14 guest beers on tap (Le Birra Ospiti) from the finest that Europe has to provide right now.


Slightly south of the metropolitan hub you’ll discover HeyHop next to the Garbatella Metro station. HeyHop is a type of dive bar encounters bottle shop encounters open-air beer cafe. This is basically a neighborhood hangout spot where natives begin to meet at about six each night to drink from one of the top collections of Italian beers you could find, and perhaps snack on a couple of bar snacks. The beer variety is huge with an extensive tap list (birra alla spina) that features home-grown Roman and district Italian craft together with a deep bottle list of the finest from all over Europe (with a couple of American classics put in). This is where punk Rome encounters fantastic beer.

Brasserie 4:20

This place merges brilliant party nights with leading tap lists, a brilliant bottle shop, great food, and an exceptional rooftop beer garden. This spot is also an opportunity to take a step back from all the pasta and pizza you’ve probably been eating. The beer is the actual feature here. There’s a regularly rotating tap list that has well-procured kegs from Europe and Italy. Then there’s a bottle shop with a few of the best beers in the world. This is the type of place where you begin with a small snack and beer, perhaps two.

Birra Più

Out in the eastern parts of Rome, you’ll come across a tiny hole-in-the-wall dive where the chilled out Roman kids hang. Birra Più is the kind of spot where arm tattoos rule. A portion is Italian punk and all beer fan. This is also quite a native place. It’s further away from the tourist crowds and you’ll be able to truly plunge into Roman and local beer lifestyle with the bartenders here. There are 13 alternating taps that feature remarkable Italian craft beers. Believe us, you have to try the Italian craft take on a Belgian tripel or saison. Their bottle list features brilliant German beers such as Schonramer Pils and Schenkerla.  

Birra e Sale

Birra e Sale is a complete Salumeria (Italian deli) with an astonishingly well-chosen bottle range. For a beer and food fan, this is perhaps as close to The Good Place you could get. As this is more a deli than a beer bar, the beer collection lines the walls of this place. Get an Italian masterpiece bottle to go together with all that food — perhaps try two or three. Couple a bottle with the preserved meats, another with the cheese, and a third with the olives and such. You’ll never want to leave this spot.

Baguetteria Del Fico

We’re putting another Salumeria in this beer list. One of the top things about Baguetteria Del Fico is that it’s directly in the center of the touristy portion of the metropolis. It’s reachable and great for a swift lunch break or a post-tour reset. The tiny shop is generally standing-room-only, with a couple of seats. The sandwiches and deli are brilliant. The beer range is impressive. Once you get your astonishingly fresh mortadella or ham sandwich, order yourself one of their exceptional Italian craft bottles. Perhaps try an Italian pilsner or lager with a lower ABV; or go all in and get a couple, because there are almost a 100 great bottles of beer that they provide here.

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