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The Balearic Gem; All of the things to do in Ibiza

Ibiza takes “the night is still young” very seriously as it promises to keep the liveliness blinking all day long. A dream come true spot for beach lovers and the ultimate destination for clubbers, Ibiza presents its features proudly as you visit.

We’re talking about a combination of all-night raves and peaceful walks admiring the Islands’ rich history. Ibiza is a heart stealer for anyone wanting good memories with the waves.

Enjoying the Balearic rhythm! Best clubs in Ibiza

Get in the party spirit as the lights start going crazy; it’s a night to remember as all party-goers take the chance to make the best musical memory out of their trip to Ibiza.


The best outdoor nightclub on the Island? From being one of the favorites of A-listers to including luxury level accommodation at the Ushuaïa Ibiza beach hotel.

It’s not all about partying; you will come across two wonderful restaurants that will take your tastebuds on a journey.

We’re not done here yet as the spa facilities are the ones to talk about! It’s an experience that will stun you with its grandeur and rounds up around midnight, giving you just the perfect vibe to start a night full of never-ending fun, and that makes Ushuaïa one of the best clubs in Ibiza.


Ruling the party world from the 70s, this place does not just turn up the volume with Ibiza house and techno music but also has other rooms playing everything from funk, disco, hip-hop, and R&B.

You can visit the roof terrace for a chilled-out lounge experience between musical performances. Pacha has an atmosphere that cannot be found elsewhere; why wait now? Let the party start as it’s a night to remember at the Pacha.


This recent addition arrives in style to the list of best clubs in Ibiza, known for its world-famous Circoloco nights. Known for its longevity and quality underground electronic music, it’s a fiesta that goes on.

Get in the true Ibiza spirit and dance away in the venue’s famous garden. Also, silly fun and games are an added advantage to this party-wonder.

Make the best memories in “Circoloco” and “Wednesday Night Paradise” parties as they await to stun your party mind.

The Waves sing, and your feet dance, best beaches in Ibiza


Things to do in Ibiza - Talamanca

The pale-yellow sand writing its story on the blue water that brushes its refreshing vibes on it. Being busy during the summer months doesn’t keep the amusement away; it’s a fun in the sun experience in every way.

Take a stroll as you will find many beach bars that will accompany you to finish off the day in delight.

Cala Xuclá

Things to do in Ibiza - Cala Xuclá

Looking for a bit of tranquillity in this “party-fied” destination? Then this is the best spot among all the best beaches in Ibiza!

As pink and red rocks decorate the beach, this silent killer makes it convenient for you to spend a little time with just the sound of nature. They are also gifted with the advantage of being perfect for snorkelling enthusiasts.

Cala Benirras

Things to do in Ibiza - Cala Benirras

It’s quite magical when waves and music combine, bringing you that spectacular experience is the Cala Benirras.

You’re missing out if you haven’t visited it on your trip to Ibiza as this being one of the best beaches in Ibiza never disappoints.

Oh, trust me, listening to live music as you sunbathe can be a whole different vibe. 

Cala Salada

Things to do in Ibiza - Cala Salada

This rocky goddess is beautiful and popular; the blue transparent waters glimmering gives a blissful feeling. With landscapes that astonish you, it’s a picture-perfect location for any beach lover.

Swim your way into falling in love with this “beachy paradise,” as it’s great for snorkelling as well!

Ses Salines

Things to do in Ibiza - Ses Salines

Probably your first stop if you have already visited Ibiza as this has all the extra special amenities when it comes to the best beaches in Ibiza.

This sandy beauty will amuse you with its charming views and still waters and give you a relaxing bathing experience. This beach would make your day perfect by adding some mouthwatering fresh fish, cold beers, exciting cocktails, and tunes that make you slow dance.

Places to see and things to do in Ibiza. 

Ibiza Cathedral

Things to do in Ibiza - Ibiza Cathedral

The Cathedral sits calmly over the water, giving a beautiful view. Take a walk inside and come across a gothic gold and silver monstrance and 14th& 15th-century gothic panel paintings.

Explore the Cathedral as the history chants its stories to you.


Things to do in Ibiza - Spas

Ibiza is not only popular for nightclubs and music but also for the spa experience. Get pampered after a night of partying at a spa that offers everything from massages and yoga classes.

Anytime is “me” time if you decide!

Water activities

Things to do in Ibiza - Water activities

It’s a love story between the water activities and Ibiza. You will never want to stop yourself from trying everything you can!

Parasailing, water skiing, stand-up paddling, and kayaking are among the many activities available. The list doesn’t stop there as there are other sea-involved things to do in Ibiza as well.

Make time for some memories by the sea!

Aquarium Cap Blanc

Things to do in Ibiza - Aquarium Cap Blanc

Admire the sea-life underground! This is one of the perfect things to do in Ibiza with your children.

Down in a sea cave awaits all sorts of marine species; head to this underground aquarium to find rays, morays, and many more sea creatures. Also, being a recuperation centre for sea turtles, you will be able to see these cute creatures recover.

Explore the beauty of Ibiza as it has many more in store for you! From sleepless nights to laying back on the beach admiring the waves, it’s more than just an experience. Come back with memories that will make you want to travel back. Ibiza hugs you with all its liveliness!


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