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Storm Ciara: Travel mayhems as high winds batter the UK

People walk through flying sea foam spray in Porthcawl. Gusts of more than 90mph and heavy rain battered the UK. Photograph: Polly Thomas/Getty Images

The Horrendous natural cause of a storm occurred in the UK by unceasingly stressing its citizens in the northern part of England— Appleby in Cumbria, Bury in Greater Manchester, and parts of West Yorkshire and Wales— Aberdaron, north-west Wales, and Capel Curig in Snowdonia.

The heavy rains and strong winds gutted its citizen’s travel plans in any means via flight, car or public transportations. The fast-phased wind of 90mph – 93mph and rain spread across the land by increasing its flood level rapidly.

The community of thousands of people struggled as a result of rivers overflowing from its river-banks. Nearly, 675,000 homes lost power without electricity, and 33,000 homes had evacuated during the occurrence while the storm destroyed the local properties. 

The weather results in portents of travel chaos by approximately 200 flight delays and cancellations to several destinations. However, Storm Ciara served British Airways by helping the plane to beat the transatlantic flight record. The journey was from New York to London flight, as it jetted through the air with the energy of the storm.

The Met Office announced severe weather warnings as in Amber Warnings, claiming there will be a danger to life and enacted to close down the M11 motorway. And also, numerous roads are virtually unusable for commuters on the Welsh coast. Ferry passengers and vehicle drivers warned as in “evacuate to a safer place” to concern their health and safety.

The Big Wheel on the central pier in Blackpool was rotating itself because of the stubborn winds. At some places, the cars were floating on the water where the pavements have disappeared.

The Manchester City’s Premier League match against West Ham postponed due to frigid weather conditions. The fixture probably could take place sometimes in this week or the earlier next week.

AirPort and Flight Chaos

The Storm Ciara rocked many flights to the UK with her strong winds. 

There was dramatic footage of a large Singapore Airline passenger plane rocking back and forth in the vigorous winds upon its land at the Manchester Airport.

The SAS flight SK4609 from Norway had to change direction and divert back to Oslo caused by the Manchester Airport’s strong crosswinds.

A Virgin Atlantic flight from Barbados had to divert to Scotland when the plane was unable to land in Manchester.

Although, airlines heading towards Britain have cancelled both domestic and international flights as strong winds have taken over the main cities. There were 20 inbound and outbound flights, have cancelled at Manchester Airport while six have diverted due to the weather conditions.

Weather Warnings: United Kingdom

  • Dumfries and Galloway: Wind and Snow/Ice
  • Grampian: Wind and Snow/Ice
  • London & South East: Wind only
  • North East: Snow/Ice only
  • Northern Ireland: Wind and Snow/Ice
  • Strathclyde: Wind and Snow/Ice
  • West Midlands: Snow/Ice
  • East Midlands: Snow/Ice
  • Highland & Islands: Wind and Snow/Ice
  • Lothian & Borders: Wind and Snow/Ice
  • North West: Snow/Ice only
  • South West: Wind only
  • Tayside, Central & Fife: Wind and Snow/Ice
  • Yorkshire and the Humber: Snow/Ice only


The strong winds of the storm expected to reach and capture Northern Ireland and Scotland on Monday. According to Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkil said,

“While Storm Ciara is clearing away, that doesn’t mean we are entering a quieter period of weather. It’s going to stay very unsettled.” 

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings to Scotland, Northern Ireland, and north-west England for February the 10th Monday at 10 am and 5 pm

  • Scotland: Winds and Snow
  • Northern Ireland: Winds and Snow
  • North-west England: Snow and Ice

These yellow warnings will stay the same on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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