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Social Distancing & Luxury Travel


Travel is a basic need, an urge that we can’t get rid of! Due to the ongoing situation, the urge to travel has been caged up, and needs to be set free sooner than later! Having a well-deserved holiday is the perfect way to keep those urges intact.

We all love the idea of luxury travel. Planning a trip is not that easy, especially when it comes to the budget. Luxury travel doesn’t always have to be expensive but can be an affordable luxury, even if the entire trip is on a budget, you can still have the best experiences. Taking an over-the-top trip comes once in a lifetime, and there are ways to indulge in a little luxury without burning a hole in your wallet!

What is luxury travel?

Luxury travel is a presentation of convenience, excellent services, ultimate comfort, and exceptional experiences. It’s not just about the facilities, the brand or the design of a hotel; luxury is about the entire journey, about the authenticity of bespoke vacations that are tailored to your personalized preferences, and these experiences are not easily replicated. Luxury travel is an experience that will outshine all expectations of your journey on every aspect.

Flying in style

New standards for travel are brought into play as we speak, and shortly, there will be a few rules that we will have to adhere to, such as the practice of social distancing, and taking care of personal hygiene. However, there is a much better way to travel in style while social distancing. For an example, Emirates airlines have introduced social distancing on its flights, with pre-allocated seats so that passengers travel in observance of social distancing rules, and have taken prudent measures to ensure the health and safety of their customers. When it comes to luxury travel, Emirates airlines goes over and beyond their limits, and breaks the norms to fly passengers to their destinations. You will be surprised at the cost differences between each class, and it’s not drastic as it sounds! The airline offers private suites in First Class, recliner seats in Business Class and seats with extra leg-room in Economy Class. At the same time, you enjoy the world’s best in-flight entertainment system and the excellent service provided by their well-trained cabin crew. So, if you decide to travel in luxury, Emirates airlines are highly recommended. No matter which class you travel in, complete satisfaction is a promise! Since Travel Center have partnered with Emirates, we provide you with the best and efficient service. Read here for more information

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Luxury holidays to enjoy while social distancing

Environmental change brings comfort and improves spirit, and with things returning to normal; soon, luxury travel will be within your grasp, and available for unmissable prices! In today’s world, social distancing is not just a luxury but a necessity. So, no matter where you go keep in mind that you should maintain social distancing at all times.

Experience the world’s most unique and authentic hotels or fancy villas. Go glamping in Kenya, instead of waking up in a hotel room, live in a luxury tent, as you enjoy the splendour of the great outdoors, and wildlife. Stay in a beautiful villa in the Maldives, standing regally over the waters, allowing you to dive into the vast ocean from the comfort of your room, or for a more family-friendly vacation, stay at the Disney hotel for a magical experience you will never forget. You can book a variety of luxury stays from Travel Center, and we will plan the best getaway from the city or an escape to a calming oasis, there’s always a luxurious resort awaiting you.

Once in a lifetime experiences

Once the world opens up for travel, there will be a world full 0f exciting experiences just waiting to be encountered. Luxury travel is all about trying out something new, something that gives value to your trip and memories to last forever!

Go snorkelling in the Maldives

The Maldives is all about affordable luxury, secluded islands, and turquoise seas. Vibrant reefs that are equally famous for underwater sensations, as snorkelling is a popular activity done on vacation.

Wade in the Blue Lagoon in Island

Dip into the warm blue waters at a remarkable geothermal pool and gaze at the amazing landscapes while you soak in and unwind.

Take a seaplane tour in Dubai

Dubai is a wonderful city with scenic destinations and many activities on offer, but a seaplane tour around the entire city takes the cake!

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Spend a day at an authentic spa by the sea in Phuket

Treat your body and mind as you immerse in rejuvenating spa therapies at a fantastic spa with traditional teak house in Phuket

Dine at a celebrity-owned restaurant in New York

When it comes to luxury travel gastronomy takes a top spot. So, dine-in a restaurant owned by celebrities who crossover into restauranteurs. You may even be lucky to meet a Hollywood star who may make an appearance there!

To achieve all this, you don’t need to go broke, call or email us at Travel Center to plan a journey tailor-made, especially for your needs. So, book with ease of mind and confidence as the first step towards luxury travel with affordable prices is already on the way!


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