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Shropshire open for business: Changes its reputation as an overlooked county

Shropshire open for business: Changes it's reputation as an overlooked county

As of right now, it is abundantly clear that it will take some time for things to adjust to the new normal. Travellers aren’t all that excited about making long getaways, and many countries are still apprehensive of welcoming the ones who are prepared to travel. However, while the “stay away” pleas don’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon, one county in England has managed to slip through the claws of the virus, perfect the art of social distancing and is now, accepting people who visit.

That is right, Shropshire –  a glorious symphony of hills, picture-postcard villages and castles –  has finally announced that it will be welcoming tourists with arms wide open and making sure that this will be the comeback it needs to put it back on the map of tourist-loved destinations.  Crowned in rural splendour, Shropshire was never meant to be closed off from the world in the first place. However, with the ever-rising popularity of several, much larger destinations, it garnered little to no love at all in comparison to the cult following the other countries were subjected to, which made it impossible for many to remember its existence.

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Without its limelight-hogging neighbours, Shropshire has finally managed to raise much more than mere looks with what it has to offer travellers. The county stands its ground as an idyllic interlude – a separation from what travellers have always seen time and time again. The rugged radiance of the Shropshire hills and the unsung beauty of its countryside are a testament to how unappreciated the destination is. It shows how travellers focus only on the bigger side of things, ignoring the tinier details that make some places an underrated fortune.

Hiking through untrodden trails, experiencing the castle-topped Ludlow, encountering quiet churchyards with superstitious tales of the sin-eaters and witnessing the industrial Ironbridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site are some of the many perks that come attached to visiting the unsullied vicinity of Shropshire.

With the overshadowing presence of many other landmarks lifted, Shropshire does seem to have a fighting chance, since it already reports an overwhelmingly positive reaction from travellers in the last few days.  If you are quietly feeling optimistic about summer, then take a moment to turn your sight towards Shropshire. You might be surprised at what you would find in the hidden spectacles of its vibe.

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