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September 2020: Honeymoon Destinations List!

The Best Honeymoon Destinations in September

Let’s get right to it!

There’s just something mystifying about the atmosphere September brings in, and so it fits perfectly with the array of destinations we’ve featured on our list for this month.

London, Paris (once again), Berlin, Dublin and Amsterdam are all our top contenders for September. Sparking the lust for travelling from lovers all across the globe. 

With eye-opening monuments, tireless showcases of art and culture, beauty that’ll live in your mind for as long as possible and sight-packed landscapes, London becomes the beguiling sensation you’ve always wanted.  

Immersed in splendour of all aspects, the city of love has dazzled its way into our list for another show of glory. Paris’s rich seams of antiquity are at every turn. From ancient to urban, the city’s monuments work in tandem with each other, making it one of the best destinations to visit this September.

Berlin is just straight-up gorgeous as hell, presenting more than enough monuments to keep you in constant amazement. The city is bound to make a mark on you with the intense combination of its pulsing entertainment spectrum and limitless history.

Escape reality and enjoy basking in the bliss of Amsterdam’s heavenly canals, historic museums, and its hyperactive streets. Amsterdam is best described as an intertwining of the glorious past and the fortunes of modern times. The bustling capital of Netherlands is sure to be the highlight of your holiday if you intend on visiting it, we of course definitely recommend it.

Dublin… where do we begin with Dublin; to summarise, visiting this city is your chance to break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. No matter which corner you turn about, there’s always something that never ceases to be sensational. With an ethereal abundance of its vitality such as this, its no wonder Dublin made it on the list as one of the best places to visit on your honeymoon.

Places to Avoid on your Trip…

Hurricane season is still running high in the Caribbean, Central America and some parts in Asia. Destinations like Cambodia and Laos are also prone to flooding.

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