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Safest Places to travel : UK set to reveal travel green list!

According to several reports, the UK government is expected to announce the countries that have made it on to the green travel list by the end of this week. The list is expected to be finalised by Wednesday and will most probably include Iceland, Malta, Portugal and Gibraltar as some of the safest places to travel !

Several sources also speculated that the list would include holiday islands like Ibiza, Mallorca and the Canaries as some of the safest places to travel ; However, officials have noted that these speculations are false.

The official announcement about the safest places to travel is expected on Friday. The traffic light system will grade countries under three colours: red, amber, and green – depending on the case numbers and vaccine rates.

It is worth mentioning that travellers returning from red countries will have to complete hotel quarantine, while travellers returning from green countries will only have to take a PCR test and will not have to self-isolate.

The ‘safest places to travel ‘ announcement will undoubtedly pave the way for international travel to grow once again. Travellers who previously cancelled plans due to the lockdown will be able to go through & visit some of the safest places they possibly can.

While a small proportion of the general public believes that the opening of international travel and the ‘safest places to travel ‘ announcement will put the destination at risk, the rest are ready to welcome this decision with arms wide open. 

However, whether the announcement shall turn out to be good news or continue to leave the majority of the general public in dismay, is so far disputable.


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