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Paris commuters faced travel misery as metro workers strike over pension reform

• 16 Metro lines were shut down temporarily disturbing daily commuters

Local commuters embrace alternative options to avoid travel misery

•  Tram services and RER suburban lines disrupted due to running on peak hours

Public transport workers in Paris went on a strike to reduce their retirement privileges against the current president of France Emmanuel Macron, on his “universal” pension system last Friday 13th of September. The strike crippled the movements around the city causing travel miseries to commuters by triggering traffic jams.

Ten out of the 16 metro lines in Paris were shut down as well as the major regional train lines were totally disrupted leaving commuters to find alternatives to get to work in the morning rush hour.

The city’s cycle lane system had a massive surge in traffic as commuters and travellers pulled out bikes to get around the French capital as an alternative to the Metro and buses.

Tram services and the ‘Réseau Express Régional’ (RER) suburban rail system are the city’s major public transport services for the busiest commuters of Paris. Due to the strike daily passengers suffered in the crowded platforms and long waits on few reduced transport services that runs during morning and evening peak hours.

Paris Airport, which runs Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports, also warned it passengers to plan their trip in advance to those who planned to visit Paris on Friday, September 13th.  As they expected there were severe disruptions reported on several places around the Paris region on Friday.

After a one-day strike led by all unions of the Paris transport network (RATP) on 13th September, the transport network seems normal on Saturday 14th of September at 5.30 am. 

Though the consultations are currently being held regarding the Universal Pension system with labour unions and the government wants parliament to vote on the project early next year.

The government is likely to face further opposition to its plans in coming weeks, with lawyers, airline pilots and stewards, and medical workers already calling a strike for Monday.

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