Pandemic refresh? Welcome to the new hotel world!

Pandemic refresh? Welcome to the new hotel world!

As the world slowly rises again in the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the hotel stays will probably be arranged differently. But even though travel will return, we should not prepare for it to look the same as earlier. Some beloved manners have to be prolonged and new etiquettes introduced to ensure that travellers and staff feel secure and protected. 

As I always say, there is nothing to feel insecure. Waiters and other hotel staff will always wear a mask and gloves. Cutlery will be disposable, and the only thing you are getting in contact is food! Here are a few ways of how hotel stays will change since the pandemic.

Neatness and Hygiene

Neatness and Hygiene - Travel Center Blog

Many travellers always rank hotel neatness highly but will be careful around it moving ahead. Hotels will need to prove that they have fulfilled enhanced health and safety protocols for cleaning customer rooms, meeting areas and public spaces in their premises, as well as back-of-house areas. It is expected that auditing actions will ultimately implement to measure hotel yielding with a stated criterion for cleanliness. Travellers expect transparency among cleaning, hygiene and sanitisation measures in the hotel stay.



Who doesn’t prefer beginning the day off with a plate of scrambled eggs, toast, and sliced cheeses and meats? Alas, while we all cherish the breakfast buffet, it may become a thing of the history. Social distancing will be impracticable to maintain as everyone crowd around various food and beverage dishes, and the frequent handling of jugs is too risky moving ahead. Some hotels may think of offering breakfast or brunch in the room, or meals in pleasant takeaway baskets where the travellers can consume where they prefer.

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New check-in technology

Everyone enjoys a warm welcome at the reception by greeting hotel staff, but some hotels will now perform automated self-check-in procedures. Virtual check-ins and digital keys using your mobile will be applied at some hotels. Practical touchless solutions will be implemented to avoid virus transmission along with enabling a positive travel encounter. The body temperature will be recorded at the entrance, followed up by sanitisation stations.

Recreation and leisure

Cooling out in hotel pools and becoming active in their gyms are great perks to staying at hotels, but they will have to undergo new rules when they re-open. Scheduled gym time-slots will be introduced like spacing exercise machines at least two metres apart to aid social distancing, and cleaning touch points of gear after each person, in addition to the usual cleaning schedule. At least a 6ft distance will be maintained between lounge chairs at the pool. Swimming pools should be appropriately chlorinated, and disinfection routines will play a vital role in the changing rooms.

New services

Hotels are switching their services in both the short-term and long-term. Since offices, cafes, and co-working places are no-go zones right now; many hotels are allowing reduced-rate day stays so that customers can get the work done in a peaceful space or even host a virtual meeting with a serene backdrop, and take virtual meetings to an attractive next level.


Communication is one of the crucial things that matter when it comes to after COVID-19 hotel stays. Social media will become an even more efficient way for brands to notify travellers about COVID-19 caused updates and upgrades, and to show how new rules are part of designing an appealing, unique hotel experience. Subscribe to our newsletter and do follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for hotels and holiday packages. 

Perks and pros

Minimalism - Travel Center Blog

To inspire guests to visit hotels more frequently, some hotels are also extending their loyalty plans. Some hotels launched a gift card presentation that encourages people to spend in future stays – with the advantage of a percentage off on room rates. There are hotels which will hand you a care package, including a board game, food and beverages to encourage spending quality time with family away from the digital devices world. 


While we all relish the luxury finishes in hotel rooms, it looks like minimalism will be the way ahead in overcoming the number of items that need to be sanitised. This means maybe waving goodbye to complimentary paper, pens, magazines, hangers and guest directories, and other things that we love but are not essential to the room.

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Staying on the radar

Until travel can resume again very soon, hotels are giving everything they can to wait on guests’ radar and offer a bit of virtual holiday whenever they can. They invite you to watch Netflix documentaries about your favoured destinations or the destinations where your favourite movie was filmed. Some hotels show you local food or cocktail recipes to keep in touch with you, which is beneficial for the hotel and the customer. Book a hotel with us and enjoy the benefits!

Travel won’t end, thank goodness. Travel is what connects our world together; it is how we learn about other lifestyles and is an essential part of people’s lives. So, don’t think twice to book a holiday with Travel Center and make the most on your summer and winter holidays. With our ABTA and ATOL protection, your holiday is more than guaranteed. Call us now and get a flexible quote.

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