Our Guide to the Yee Peng Festival

Thailand is commonly known for the generous array of soul-stirring festivals it offers, and the Yee Peng Festival is no different! The Yee Peng festival is celebrated annually and is one of the most adored festivals in Chiang Mai. The festival was first celebrated as an event to signify the completion of the monsoon season and was conformed from Brahmin origins. Keep reading to learn about everything you need to know about this awe-inspiring festival.

What is the Yee Peng Festival all about?

During the festival of lights, thousands of paper lanterns are launched into the air to symbolise, how you, break away from the negativity that is somehow affecting you. People also make wishes for good health, wanting to find love, happiness and to be resolute in upholding their values. It is believed that if your lantern glides through the air and goes out of sight before the candle burns out that your wish has a good chance of coming true.

What else happens during the Yee Peng Festival?

Even though the lanterns are the most important part of the Yee Peng Festival it only makes up a fraction of the total festivities. While the pivotal part of the festival is taking place, you can also wander about the stalls, participate in decoration contests, and set your gaze upon colourful parades and share a moment of passion with someone you like during the fireworks display

How do you get there? 

Yee Peng in Chiang Mai is possibly the busiest time of the year to visit. If visiting the Yee Peng festival is on your mind, make sure you book before the end of October, since the festival will be scheduled to take place in the second week of November. Travel Center will be more than glad to help you witness the festival first-hand with the help of our expert travel agents who will find the best flight and hotel deals for you. If you would like to create your own travel itinerary including a visit to the festival, why not let us put together a tailor-made holiday for you?

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