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Our 5 picks on the best places to visit in March

As we welcome 2022 with positivity, our holiday plans are something we look forward to. The season changes, flowers bloom, and the cold breeze blow, everything happens in March, and you get to choose from the destinations that offer you all kinds of experiences you want to witness—wondering where to start? Don’t worry; we picked out the best places to visit in March. 

Get ready to start March with a bang as you select a destination from the below!

1) Paris , France

2) Valencia, Spain

3) Las Vegas, USA

4) Crete , Greece

5) Marrakech, Morocco

Paris, France

best places to visit in March - Paris

Who wouldn’t want to plan a trip to Paris in March? We’re going to get you all geared up to have a fantastic time while admiring the cherry blossoms that shine brightly in pink!

As spring takes over Paris, everything in this artistic city turns a little more beautiful. Grab some macaroons and make your way to sit under the Eiffel Tower as you admire the sunset over the glimmering city lights or take a turn to visit the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, where your sight gets to savour the French Gothic architecture.

If you think that’s all of it, we have a lot more going on in Paris. 

Not just the history lovers but also if you are a person who loves vintage fashion and French cuisine, March is the perfect time to stroll the streets looking for everything fancy to get your hands on. 

Paris is all about inviting you to explore its culture and beauty, but the glamourous streets offer a lot more than that! We have a list of the best cafés and bars for you to check out on your visit!

Some cafés to look out for – 
  1. Café Méricourt
  2. Café Consulat
  3. Café de Flore
  4. Café Kitsune Palais Royal

If you are a little more interested in the cuisine Paris has to offer along with its cafés and bars, you can check it out here –

Valencia, Spain

best places to visit in March - Valencia

March is the perfect weather to visit Valencia, and we have all the reasons why!

It has a little bit of everything for you to try, and the weather is all perfectly matched with your plans on touring the city. How do you ask? It’s spring in Valencia!

Keeping the perfect weather aside, the city is filled with vibrant streets, medieval buildings, sandy beaches, and arts and science that talk about grandeur. All these combined make Valencia one of the best places to visit in March.

Just figure out where to start exploring this beautiful city from, and it will take you on a journey of discovering the best of experiences it has in store for you. For instance, start by visiting the City of the Arts and Sciences and a cutting-edge oceanarium, Oceanogràfic.

Had enough of the cityscapes? Let’s head to admire some sunlight illuminated waves!

Here are some beaches to look out for –
  • Playa del Malvarrosa Beach – The longest stretch of beach in the city, take a walk that will make your skin shine with a tan. The clearwater invites you to dip your toes, and the azure sea colours make your pictures look enchantingly beautiful. Visit and admire the beauty.
  • Las Arenas Beach – Tired of quiet beaches? This one is the busiest in Valencia! Loved by many as it’s also known as the party hotspot, visit this lively beach to party on the weekends or just to sip a drink at one of the many beach bars available here.
  • Playa de la patacona – The unique flair is appreciated by tourists and locals alike, this vibrant beach space will make your day much better with its glimmering blue water, lush palm trees and hippy bars.
  • Playa Saplaya Beach – Located right in front of the picturesque Port Saplaya, this is a beautiful spot to start a photoshoot for yourself! With the colourful holiday homes making the views a bit more attractive to stare at, this beach has everything to make this experience a treat to the sight and your cameras!

Las Vegas, USA

best places to visit in March - Las Vegas

Let’s be honest; we can never get enough of Vegas. This entertainment capital of the world shines brighter in March as it invites you to take advantage of its specialities.

From the casinos to entertaining concerts you can go to; Las Vegas is one of the best places to visit in March. But wait, there is more! 

This city keeps you entertained all day and night; starting with The Mob Museum to start from, you can end the day by dining at the Peppermill’s Fireside Lounge as this 24-hour diner gets your appetite rushing to reach out for the late-night omelettes and fruity cocktails. 

If you want to try something out of the box, Las Vegas has all of that ready for you. Attend a If you want to try something out of the box, Las Vegas has all of that ready for you. Attend a sporting event or maybe experience a magic show; after all of this, go out for a laugh as famous comedians perform stand-up. By the looks of it, if you are not excited for Vegas in March, you’re not in the Vegas mood yet. 

Tick the boxes on attractions and you have the accommodation boxes left!

If you have got all your attractions sorted as per our tips and tricks, see the hotels that will give you the best luxurious accommodation experience.

Our picks on your choice of accommodation in Las Vegas – 
  1. Vdara Hotel & Spa at ARIA Las Vegas
  2. The Cromwell Hotel & Casino
  3. Caesars Palace
  4. The Signature at MGM Grand
  5. Park MGM Las Vegas

Interested to know more about the attractions in Las Vegas? You can read before planning your holiday here –

Crete, Greece

best places to visit in March - Crete

Crete in March is like a blissful experience you will never forget! And if you wonder why, we’ve got the answers to why this magnificent destination is the best place to visit in March.

Beaches and mountains make you choose between them, and historical paths cross along with the energetic nightlife that awaits; it’s a mix of everything you crave for on holiday.

If you are a history buff, tie your shoelaces as this gem of a destination has so much to offer from Minoan archaeological sites, mysterious castles and many other cultural attractions that will make your jaw drop.

But wait, we have something for our thrill-seekers as well! When you think of hiking and going on safaris, Crete helps you out with one of its many features as well. Not a mountain person? We’ve got some beaches that will have you swimming for a long time.

Here are some beaches and hiking trails to jot down and visit on your holiday –
  • Elafonissi Beach – It’s a magical sight that looks like pink fairy dust has been sprinkled on the shore. The clear, glowing water is a treat to the sight as you can take photographs sitting on the soft sands.
  • Gorge of the Dead – Pack your swimming shorts and bikini, as this fascinating trail will take you to a stunning beach with turquoise hues and warm water. Want to spend a little more time there? Come prepared for a picnic!
  • Voulisma Beach – The turquoise shade that compliments the gold sand is a beautiful sight to witness as you make your way here. The water is warm and shallow and is perfect for anyone who loves a little swim in the sun. With no restaurants or beach bars, it’s just nature and you here!
  • Sougia to Tripiti – Loved by many as the best hiking trail on the southern coast, it takes you on an adventure from the charming beach village of Sougia to Tripiti gorge. You will come across captivating views of the old Venetian fortress, the ancient town of Pikilassos and many more.

Marrakech, Morocco

best places to visit in March - Morocco

Filled with Cultural diversity, historical sites and traditional marketplaces, Marrakech welcomes you with a handful of attractions to make your holiday in March the best one ever.

Your days here are filled with happy moments discovering a blend of cultural diversity, and your hands are filled with shoes, bags, and different things you can get while you shop in souks. From the start to the end, it’s a story worth remembering at Marrakech. 

Just like the attractions it possesses are unique in every way, we have spots that are ”insta-worthy” as well! Make your way to the Jardin Majorelle and start your photoshoot. But the list does not end there, you will come across the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, Musée des Confluences and the El Badi Palace, which is the ruins of Sultan Ahmed el-Mansour’s glorious palace.

And while you are there taking a walk on the vibrant, busy streets, don’t forget to try Moroccan cuisine! 

Food lovers alert! Try these Moroccan favourites, and see how you start obsessing over them soon. 
  1. Couscous
  2. Moroccan Chicken Bastilla
  3. Kefta Meatball Tagine
  4. Rfissa
  5. Mechoui
  6. Harira

With all of these wonders combined, it makes Marrakech one of the best places to visit in March. 

We’re looking forward to a positive outcome for the travel industry in 2022, and by the looks of it, we’ll be sitting under the sun admiring the waves in no time! We’re keeping you planned ahead for your holidays in March and what destinations will make those magical moments a little bit more special. Choose from our top five picks on the best places to visit in March and see how beautiful the experience turns out to be!


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