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My Quick Travel Guide to Mombasa.

Mombasa is a city in Kenya. It is the second most populous city in Kenya after the capital Nairobi and is a cultural and economic hub of the region. Mombasa has a large port, which made it an important trading center in antiquity and is an important tourism center in the region. The city has been controlled by many countries in the past owing to its strategic location. Mombasa’s proximity to Zanzibar, Nairobi, and the Indian Subcontinent, and its use as a port has given the city a diverse group of cultures. Music is one of the main features of the culture of the city, and it has an active nightlife scene. Football is the most popular sport in the city.

Here are some of the top places to visit in Mombasa.
  1. Fort Jesus
  2. Haller Park
  3. Mombasa Marine National Park
  4. North Coast Beaches
  5. Old Town
  6. South Coast Beaches
  7. Mombasa Tusks
  8. Mamba Village Centre
  9. Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre
  10. Mombasa Go-Kart
Things to do in Mombasa.
  1. Explore Mombasa’s Old Town
  2. Visit Fort Jesus
  3. Enjoy Nature at Its Peak at Haller Park
  4. Nguuni Nature Sanctuary Adventures
  5. Head to Go-Kart
  6. Photograph the Mombasa Tusks  & Take a Stroll in the Nearby Park
  7. Spend an Afternoon at Mama Ngina Drive
  8. Stop in Jahazi Coffee House and Have a Coffee
  9. Try Swahili Dishes at Blue Room Restaurant
  10. Go For a Boat Ride at Tudor Water-Sports and Restaurant

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