Mother’s Day: ‘MOM’ a title above Queen


No degree or prior experience required; salary and hours non-negotiable; no paid benefits; lifelong tenure.” – Designation: Mother

A Mother sacrifices so much for their jobs: their sleep, waistlines, years of peace and they would even give their lives. A love of a Mother is incomparable. Our moms are the first human being we have ever had contact even before we enter the world, and they give us tender loving care as we grow up. Once a year, Mother’s Day is celebrated throughout the world; a special day dedicated to all mothers, to show our appreciation, this year in the UK we celebrate our mother’s love on Sunday, the 22nd of March.

How did Mother’s Day come into EXSISTANCE? 


Mothering Sunday began as a religious event of the 16th Century, with no connection to mothers at all. The word “mothering” was referred to the “mother church”, which is the main church of the region. So began the tradition that, on the fourth Sunday of Lent, people would return to their mother church for a special service. It was a pilgrimage known as “going a-mothering”. It became something of a holiday event, with domestic servants was given the day off to visit their mothers and own families as well as their mother church.


Despite its long existence in British culture, the custom of Mothering Sunday stopped eventually in the early 20th Century. A lady by the name of Constance Penswick-Smith, a daughter of a vicar, worked hard to rekindle the interest of Mothering Sunday and wrote a book called ‘The Revival of Mothering Sunday’. The hazy festival was restored to the culture of the country, only with a focus on celebrating motherhood. And this was due to American influence.


What is “Mother’s Day”? It’s an entirely distinct American event, invented by a woman named Anna Jarvis in 1908. Her inspiration was a desire to honour her own mother, who had been a militant peace activist during the US Civil War. 1914 President of USA, Woodrow Wilson officially signed Mother’s Day into a reality.

Anna Jarvis was the one who inspired our very own Constance Penswick-Smith to revive the more religiously-flavoured Mothering Sunday over here. However, the two separate events have since become confusing in people’s minds, and it is a day that we all devote to our Mothers.

Each country celebrates Mother’s Day in their own way, smaller children presenting mum with a much-deserved breakfast in bed, the older children treating their mother to a traditional afternoon tea. However, we all see it as a universally beloved day of affection and celebration; every year, your mom conveys that she doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day. Still, you know better, as she deserves to be pampered and indulged to show her our appreciation!

Since Mother’s Day, which is falling on the 22nd of March, here are some options for fun ways to treat your mum to something exclusive just for her, this Mother’s Day.

  • Spa Treatment – pamper her with a sweet spa therapy
  • Fancy Brunch – treat your queen to a scrumptious brunch
  • Shopping Excursion – what better way to make your mom happy, take her on a shopping spree.
  • Outdoor Adventure – plan a Mother’s Day adventure take her skiing or hiking.
  • Wine Tasting – Sample some wines while having the perfect Mother’s Day picnic
  • Weekend getaway – give her an ultimate break, take a family holiday, perhaps for family fun at the beach.

Most importantly, don’t forget to shower your mother with bucket loads of love, lots of hugs and kisses.

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