Meet the team

Our authors have gained experience in both travelling and curating content that helps every wandering heart around the world.
In addition to this, the team behind Travel Center’s content also focuses on inspiring up-and-coming travel bloggers who wish to share their stories.

Linish Jay

Creative Storyteller

Life is so much more enjoyable when you are not cooped up in one place all the time. Travelling was exactly the kind of personal remedy I needed to change the pace of my life and it could also be yours, my content focuses on encapsulating the beauty I saw and the emotion I felt when I visited these places, I want to help you narrow down the places you would want to see the most and let you know about all of the spots you need to stop over, not to mention a glimpse into all of the major events and travel tips to make sure you have the most imperishable time of your life. 

Deann LeGrand

Creative Storyteller

When I was younger, I moved around alot because I never lived in one place for more than a year. This helped me see how people in different parts of the country lead very different lives and this further inspired my curiosity about different nationalities and their cultures. So its pretty safe to say that I’ve had my fair share of new experiences when it comes to traveling and exploring and it definitely helped pursue my interest in the art. There is so much to see but such little time so let me help you out a little and give you a better sense of what these beautiful destinations have to offer so you too can travel the world.

Wimpy Kid

Creative Storyteller

Got tan on our backs and sand on our cracks” has been the imprint of my life, clearly defining my disability of staying in one place. Already having cruised to a majority of the most stunning places in this beautiful world, and never been able to habitat myself in one place was the main motive for the kickoff of my travel content. So, here’s to the inspiration based on my travel experiences, intentions and happiness towards making this gorgeous world a better place to live. Sit back, relax, wear a smile on your face, start reading and BOOM!, there you go all lovey-dovey with the writing…

Sabina Juriansz

Creative Storyteller

Hey there! I am Sabina, a Wanderer, Wonderer & Dreamer, in the middle of an endless love affair with world travel. A passion for world cultures, languages, food, sandy beaches, nature & wild life.. Ever since I have started writing for Travel Center UK, each day has never been the same, because I get to share my excitement for exploring the horizons with people who adores travelling as much as I do. So, as I trot along, I will show you the top turfs you would want to go and see and also travel do’s & don’ts.

Kane Parker

Creative Storyteller

I’m a fellow at the Travel Center in London which is a leading European travel company established in 1987 by Moresand Ltd. I have been writing contents based on holidays and tours for the last five years at Travel Center. My passion is to help people who love travelling and looking for the ideal travel tips on destinations all around the world. Like a lot of people, I hoped travel would solve everything. I set off convinced my trip would be all about incredible, life-changing moments; ones full of sunsets and rainbows and meaningful experiences. Instead, I stumbled headfirst into a disaster.

Olivia Anderson

Creative Storyteller

My name is Olivia Anderson and I am a content writer for Travel Center UK, I’ve joined one of the leading tour operators in Europe with a passion for exploring the planet and seeking out the unexpected out of adventures. I avidly trot across the globe; along the way sharing stories, pictures and tips for anyone wanting to travel the world independently.

Fallon Sarah

Creative Storyteller

Hi! I’m Fallon, i adore travelling and exploring the many wonders that the world has to offer. I get my inspiration from people, their culture, food and lifestyle. Since I began my journey with Travel Center UK, I’ve had the opportunity to visit many destinations around the world.

So join me as I reveal all the beauty that the world has to provide.