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Let’s decide your travel plans according to your Zodiac sign!

What is your zodiac sign? Let’s look into your travel plans!

Of course, we all know that people are not solely defined by their zodiac sign, but it can be fun to explore travel destinations according to what astrological sign you were born under. Understanding how your personality traits influence the choice of travel will make your holidays truly enjoyable.

Let’s jump right in without further adjourn and find the perfect holiday destination for you!

Leo – we’re admiring art and culture!

Travel plans - Leo

You would probably be very creative and love to see the artistic side of everything. Adding colour to all the black and white circumstances, you love to explore and find beauty in cultures worldwide. With a special liking for ancient attractions, you would love to travel back in time!   

Best destination to visit?

Tadaaa! Florence, Rome or Milan are the first choices for you to add to your travel plans; get your telescope out and look out for magnificent castles, churches, palaces and much more that will keep you excited throughout your holiday.

Cancer – Cosy and feel right at home, atmosphere lovers!

You tend to be quiet, romantic and love to find emotional connections in the places you visit. You also love the idea of red roses and champagne as it brings out the romantic side of you! That’s right, the cupid’s flying nearby.

Plan B, if the cupid doesn’t show up, you are always up for a day in; curled up in blankets and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.

Best destination to visit?

Well, if it isn’t the city of love! Get your holiday plans sorted for Paris as it’s the perfect choice for a romantic getaway with your significant other. It’s about romantic dates, holding hands and a lot of sightseeing.

If you are not in the mood for romance as per your zodiac sign, it’s always about a cosy weekend in Napa Valley or Sonoma in California. A Quiet atmosphere and boutique hotels are always your second choice.

Aries – We are the adventure-seekers!

You that makes people love your company. You love to try new things and love the process as well.

Best destination to visit?

Something to get your adrenaline rushing! Make your travel plans to go on a hiking journey in Cerro Fitz Roy in Argentina. It would be a memory worth holding on to your adventure-seeking mind.

Taurus – it’s all about good food and memories.

You love to spoil yourself, and me-time is a must on your list of things to do. Always prefer good food and love to make memories that you can cherish forever.

Best destination to visit?

The Amalfi Coast in Italy. Write your food stories in fantastic restaurants that will be a treat to your appetite, along with isolated beaches and rainbow-coloured villages. It will create a new chapter for you to read the best of travel stories ever experienced.

Sagittarius – Finding happiness in the thrill!

You are always on the lookout for thrilling things to do! Brave, optimistic and loves to explore new places. Giving out happy vibes, you are the star of the show everywhere you go!

Best destination to visit?

Lucky enough to find many destinations suitable and one of them being the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador. This volcanic archipelago offers many activities that your thrill-desiring mind will smile about.

If your wanderlust is triggered now, follow your zodiac sign to make your holiday dream come true!

Aquarius – Into the wild alone. 

Bearing the special power of enjoying your own company, you love to spend time with yourself. You are independent, unique and exploring the wilderness is something that you dream of.

Best destination to visit?

Go on a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; visit the Kilimanjaro national park and see the wildlife that will mesmerise you, or spend some solo time by the Chala Crater Lake and thank me later!

Why wait any longer? Make your holiday plans now!

Gemini – The smart and curious one.

The talkative and intelligent decision-makers. You like to keep yourself busy and choose to go on adventures rather than night outs. 

Best destination to visit?

Let’s awaken the curious adventurer in you! Travel to Madrid in Spain and discover the beauty of city life.

From medieval mansions to world-class art galleries, there’s so much to keep you running in curiosity.

Scorpio – Mysteriously grabbing the attention. 

Mysterious and intense are two words that can describe you. In a crowded space, you shine differently than the others. You would also like to explore the unexplored!

Best destination to visit?

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of bats flying! That’s right, make your travel plans to Transylvania in Romania. Everything from medieval towns to magnificent castles awaits to welcome you.

Oh, and if you romanticise about vampires as I do, don’t forget to add a tour to the Bran Castle on your holiday plans to Transylvania!

Pisces – Into the spiritual way of life!

Spiritual practices, doing yoga or meditating are things that make you feel alive. You love to keep your mind and body in a serenity filled atmosphere.

According to your zodiac sign, you are more of a hot coffee in hand and relax listening to the calm music type.

Best destination to visit?

Get packing and make your travel plans to Kyoto in Japan! As the monks chant their prayers, explore the mind-calming Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and Christian churches.

That’s the peace of mind knocking on your door; let it in.

Libra – The admirers of life.

You admire art, nature, and good music. You prefer less crowded places and are always down for a day out with friends or family.

You would also love the idea of long walks that allows you to think deeply about life.

Best destination to visit?

It’s easy to make holiday plans with a Libra as most of the destinations make them smile. In that case, drop a visit to Stockholm in Sweden. This trendy gem lets you stroll around with a light heart.

If you are not in the mood for that, your zodiac sign also lets you visit the Swiss Alps for a love story between you and nature! 

Virgo – Fun-filled and a vibrant personality

The love for bright colours and busy streets are a never-ending story. You have a special liking for learning about different cultures. You get excited if you see the sign ”sale” and yes, obviously you love shopping!

Best destination to visit?

Visit Pattaya in Thailand as to how your zodiac sign would prefer; lively streets, the best shopping experience and the colours of joy are found in the spectacle you are about to tour.

Are you ready to experience the Asian wonder?

Capricorn – Too busy to waste time!

Being slightly workaholic, you don’t waste your precious time easily. You love the luxurious way of living your life; it’s all about grandeur for you!

Best destination to visit?

Perfectly suiting your holiday plans, New York in the US is something you would choose with your eyes closed.

What’s that? That’s just your inner cosmopolitan city lover screaming hip-hip-hooray!

So that’s all of the zodiac signs and how they will help you to choose your destination accordingly. Whatever the destination you pick, if you love the journey, then all of your travel stories turn into a beautiful book filled with happy moments.


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