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Lagos – On the Way to Becoming a Future Megacity

Lagos is the largest city in not only Nigeria, but the entire continent of Africa. This economic and cultural powerhouse of Nigeria, once the capital of the country, is financed by a steady influx of oil money, attracting a growing population looking for a better life in this vibrant city.

First time visitors will certainly get an initial shock of seeing the vast crowds and the hectic pace. Lagos is not just about business, jobs, the noise, and the people; the arts and music scene is booming in typical African fashion, with the natural talent abound. Get ready to see and even join in a lot of parties. Get ready to be a part of the madness that is Lagos.

Lagos is expected to more than double in size in the next 35 years – from a current population of close to 18 million to 37 million in 2050 ­– making it one of the largest cities anywhere in the world. This influx of people, simply put, makes the Lagos of today an attractive city to visit, as it is set for a physical as well as cultural transformation that will forever change the lifestyles of its populace, and the perceptions of visitors.

Lagos offers a lot for everyone’s taste; what else can you expect from a city this size? We have gathered five of the many must-visit attractions and things to do in Lagos while you are there.

1. Kalakuta Republic Museum

The home of the late Afrobeat Legend Fela Anikulapp-Kuti has been turned into a museum to display the legacy left behind by this inspirational artist and activist. See up to 3000 items of clothing worn by the great musician, and some of the instruments that he played.

2. Nike Art Gallery

Nike Davies-Okundaye is considered one of Nigeria’s most important artists. She runs this impressive gallery full of contemporary and traditional Nigerian arts that takes up an astonishing four-storey space. If you are in luck, you may get to meet her and she may grace you with a new Yoruba name. This gallery also provides access to cultural tours to other Yoruba towns.

3. Quintessence

This artsy bookshop with perhaps the most appropriate name provides a wide collection of books, magazines, and crafts. Cultural shows are a fixture on some evenings.

4. The National Museum

The National Museum is home to a wide range of artefacts from Nigerian and African history. This comprehensive museum includes a crafts village that stocks a variety of African memorabilia. Note that no cameras are allowed in the museum.

5. Jankara Market

This is the largest market in the city and sells everything from clothing to bead jewellery to bootleg music and films. Watch out for the fetishes market where you can get your hands on some herbs, traditional medicines, potions, and powders.

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