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Iran plane crash: 176 passengers claimed to be dead as Ukraine Boeing 737 crashes

Iran Plane Crash: 176 Passengers Killed as Ukraine Boeing 737 Crashes!

Earlier this Wednesday, a Ukrainian Boeing 737 plane that carried 176+ passengers and crew crashed in Iran. While the reason was not immediately revealed; following the daunting course of the crash, the foreign ministry of Ukraine came forth to disclose that the amount of evidence and the aftermath of the wreckage clearly indicate a situation where there are no survivors. 

The flight crashed a few minutes after it departed from the Imam Khomeini International Airport in the Iranian capital. And the reason remains blurred.

However, in his official statement, Volodymyr Zelensky — the president of Ukraine, said that the government was effectively trying to find out what the root of the tragic crash was, he continued his narrative by offering his condolences to the relatives & friends of all 176 passengers who lost their lives. And has since cut his trip to Oman short and is returning to Ukraine.

Upon the break of the news, social media, especially Twitter went into a frenzy, with users tying the knots of recent tension between the USA and Iran as the significant and most plausible cause of the crash. Determining that the plane had been “accidentally” shot down. However, these claims or rather, accusations were denied and put to rest by Ukraine’s embassy in Iran. They further pinned the cause on engine failure and said that it was not terror-related by any means. Further, the embassy also ruled out rocket attacks as a possible cause.

While the mayhem around the USA and Iran continues to madden, an investigation is currently underway to cross out any theories that have been brought to light by the general public. But ultimately, regardless of whether it was terror-related or an engine malfunction, it still leaves us with a bleak distaste on what could potentially happen next.

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