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Indian Tourists to Dominate the Travel Sector in 2020

Move over China, as the world recognizes India as the fastest growing out-bound market. Reputed as big spenders Indian tourists are expected to rise to a mind blowing 50 million by the year 2020. This is a number second only to China.

The travel sector is extremely pleased. And are over-looking slumping economies by trying to fit in direct flights to varied destinations. Australian Tourism predicts that around 15 million Indian tourist travel the world at present while AsiaPacific was very pleased with the 13 .3 billion spent by Indian tourists in 2011.

Travel Center UK is gearing up to accommodate this booming market with some extremely hot deals on cheap flights and hotels specifically for the Indian Traveler.

The introduction of direct flights by Thai Airways from India to Phuket saw over a million Indian tourists travelling to Thailand which is extremely popular as a holiday and wedding destination.

Direct flights hold the key. Already country’s like Turkey are reaping the benefits of introducing direct flights from India to Istanbul. Travel Center UK will certainly have some great deals on available direct flights to accommodate the India traveler.

Interestingly we find that the Indian business-woman travelling the world has seen a sharp increase. While the tech savvy younger generation Indians are looking to their smart phones and trendy apps for travel bookings. Which is why a comprehensive travel service, as offered by Travel Center UK is invaluable in today’s fast paced world.

Most certainly the Indian Traveler will re-define the world of travel and tourism, bringing that much needed push to all holiday destinations in terms of revenue and publicity. Come 2020 Travel Center UK will be buzzing with great deals to all Indian Travelers.

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