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Icy-cold Iceland all set to open for tourists in June

Cracking the headlines, excelling travel bucket lists, proposing nature lovers, and rising numbers of tourists, there seems no end to the gifts for a holiday to Iceland. Crisp, fresh air, an eyeful of the panoramic landscapes, and everyone is hypnotized. Iceland’s prime minister has declared strategies for the country to reopen to tourists by 15th June, with arrangements put in place for those entering to be tested at the airport to abandon self-imposed isolation for 14 days.

Is a holiday to Iceland something unique?

northern lights

Every season has its unique appeal, and there are always possibilities to feel new things, discover the elegance and be hypnotized by the freshness and glow of nature. Every season will leave you with a host of unforgettable memories. Iceland is one of the best countries in the world to observe the northern lights. Here, at 65° N on the southern edge of the Arctic Circle, you can see auroras almost every nightfall. From September to late March, your probabilities are high that you’ll observe northern lights on your holiday to Iceland.

A holiday to Iceland is a guaranteed safe place for all the travellers visiting Iceland for a change of scenery after a drastic spring season.

It’s not just a holiday to Iceland; it’s a symphony of details!

Iceland is a land of distinctive variations. A country where fire and ice co-exist, where dark winters are balanced by the midnight summer sun. A country where isolated living has encouraged a rich and vibrant lifestyle. It’s a vast volcanic workroom where high forces mould the earth: geysers spew, mud pots gloop, icy volcanoes thunder and glaciers cut hopeful pathways through the hills. 

Iceland’s supercharged glory seems intended to remind travellers of their utter worthlessness in the fabulous designs of everything in her. Starring a 3-hour journey from London, grateful to the Gulf Stream, Iceland enjoys a cold, mild maritime climate, with rousing summers and surprisingly warm temperatures in winter. 

The Icelandic Cuisine;

Icelandic cuisine has grown a lot in the last few decades from including mostly fish or lamb in some form or other, as the demand for different types of food has doubled. There are several vegetarian eateries in Reykjavík and vegetarian dishes widely available almost anywhere around the city.

Why you should book a holiday to Iceland

The government of Iceland said that they would be asking the travellers to download and use the standard tracing app already in use by 40% of the Icelandic population. The app is detailed with privacy measures, with location data cached locally on a user’s device except released for tracing purposes if and when a patient is discovered. May marked Iceland reporting only three reported cases of COVID-19, something that makes the country carefully optimistic that it can find a way to cautiously welcome guests once again. Iceland’s policy of large-scale testing, tracking and isolating has proven efficient so far. Are you finding the perfect setting for your conference or incentive trip? Reykjavik and the blue lagoon will have you covered.

In Iceland, you’ll find few of the world’s highest quantity of authors, dreamers, artists and performers, all serviced by their surrounds.

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The natural power of a holiday to Iceland

It’s the power of Icelandic energy to turn dull into the extraordinary. A swim in a pool becomes a dip in a geothermal lagoon; a casual walk can change into a trek across a glittering icecap, you never know. It’s not only about the great outdoors, the capital is also home to thrilling live music everywhere.

Gape in awe at the divine kaleidoscope of the Northern Lights, warm up with a dip in the Blue Lagoon and travel a full spectrum of a dramatic landscape, all with your trusted travel agent, Travel Center UK. Explore the best of unseen Iceland and book your holiday to Iceland now!

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