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How Travelling Times have Evolved over a Century!

The flow of time certainly does change quite a few things, including the way people travel. Today’s travellers should consider themselves incredibly lucky! One can reach a vast range of destinations such as Bahrain, Aberdeen, Paris, Dubai, Sydney by a direct flight from Europe.  

A century ago, things were different. Escaping Europe took at least five days and also required the best weather of two weeks to reach destinations such as California, three weeks to get to Thailand and a month to reach Australia or New Zealand.

Trips to some corners of the world like Alaska, Bolivia, Chad etc required absolute patience and the will for some extensive exercise, requiring more than 40 days travel by boat and foot. But to be more specific, here’s an accurate detailing as to how much time it took for travellers to reach certain destinations from the capital of England.

Travel Times from London

London wasn’t always the easiest way to travel when all 6 of its major airports weren’t a part of the play for travellers. So naturally, it took longer for people to reach their ideal destination than an average 20-hour flight.

To start, the East Coast of America could be reached in eight days by boat. It took longer to get to the Caribbean, with the estimated time frame constantly changing from ten days to almost fifteen based on factors such as weather and other relating elements, while a visit to South Africa meant a two-week journey. Travellers would often embrace the lands of Shanghai within twenty days and Sydney was a not-so enjoyable 34-day trip.

More than 40 days were required to access parts in Africa and to reach the depths of what lies in the deeper parts of the continent took more than two months to reach. So, it’s definitely agreeable that people really loved to travel back in the day as well. No matter what the reason, they were some strongly determined people for sure.

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