How to plan your dream wedding overseas

Planning a destination wedding is a tough job but a lot of people tend to overcomplicate the entire process. If you actually sit down and think, planning a destination wedding is tough, yes, but it’s actually a lot easier than most people tend to think.

In this article, we take a look at some important destination wedding planning tips that can make your task a lot easier.

Pick your location

Deciding on your destination if your first step and there are three ways you can do this:

  1. Go for a location that’s meaningful to you (for example, it could be the place where you first met your future partner)
  2. Select a destination as per your budget
  3. Go for a location that is convenient for your friends, family, and guests.

Research, research, research!

If your budget allows for it, visit your chosen destination before your wedding so you can check for yourself the potential accommodation options, ceremony venues and so on so you can shortlist your preferences before heading out there for the Big Day. Since hotel websites and online resources are not always 100% accurate and you can never be sure until you see it for yourself in person. However, if time or budget does not permit, then scale the internet to read reviews and research as much as you can about the destination, venue, accommodation and so on.

Be wary of the weather

Considering the weather is important for both, the timing of the ceremony and also the guest attire. If you’re looking for a destination wedding in the tropics, avoid the peak of summer and the rainy season for a good chance of a clear sky. Rain is always a possibility though so remain wary.

As far as choosing your wedding outfit is concerned, dress for the climate and encourage your guests to do the same too.

Figure out the legalities

There is some requirement you will have to fulfill in order for the marriage to be recognized on home soil. You have to ensure that your marriage is valid in the country of your wedding and it may also need to be authenticated when you return home. So make sure that you carefully check local laws and the laws of the country in which you want to get married.

If the whole idea of this seems overwhelming, then you can opt to have a small civil ceremony at home before or after the destination wedding and doing so will ease some of the pressure.

Carry your outfit onboard

You obviously don’t want your luggage containing your wedding dress or suit lost in transit. Most non-budget airlines will agree to hang your suit bag for the duration of the flight. Also, ensure that you have something to protect your outfit when you go through security as the x-ray conveyor can sometimes leave black marks on the covering.

Keep things as simple as possible for your guests

Try to give your guests one year notice so they can plan time off work well in advance. Also, try organizing the wedding during school holidays so parents don’t have to worry about taking their children out of school.

Also send information regarding flight routes, transfers, required visas and other general information about the destination to your guests. This is where opting for a cheaper destination will also make sure that your guests can afford the trip.

Create your itinerary

Provide an itinerary for your guests as they arrive and thank them for making the trip in addition to information and timings for the wedding day. You can also plan for some activities for guests so they can enjoy themselves at the destination.

The bottom line is that the entire event is about you and not the destination. Treat your Big Day as a holiday and understand that everyone is there for you. A wedding is a special moment, both for yourself and for your guests so take every effort to make sure that everyone enjoys a lovely experience.

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