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How to have a swooning Honeymoon on a budget

How to have a swooning Honeymoon on a budget

A romantic trip after tying the knot is a long-lasting tradition that is highly anticipated by newlyweds. However, after dumping a considerable amount of money for the wedding, guzzling out lots of cash for a honeymoon, is not that practical. On average, a couple spends thousands of pounds for a honeymoon, and trips overseas to a luxury getaway can be super expensive.   Fear not lovebirds! There are many places all over the world, to indulge in a luxurious honeymoon on a budget. Check out these secluded escapes that are fun, adventurous, memorable, and cost very less, and when you get back home you won’t have to argue about the credit card bills

Best places for frugal lovebirds to escape on a honeymoon


Bali Honeymoon

There’s something magical and calming about the paddy fields that sway in the wind. A magical honeymoon on a budget as you experience the exotic traditional resorts, the sun kissing your skin, or a dip in the clear blue sea or a private pool while the two of you enjoying each other’s company could get no more tranquil than this!

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Honeymoon

Sri Lanka is a sought out tourist destination and is filled with so many beautiful places. But did you know that it’s one of the best places to replenish on a romantic honeymoon?! This beautiful island is a perfect choice for a honeymoon on a budget. This nation is encircled by stunning beaches, national parks filled with exotic wildlife and the chilly mountains, of tea plantations that give some attractive spectacular views and luxurious stays perfect for celebrating your love for each other.

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Venice is known for places with views worth a million and a dreamy atmosphere that makes Venice the perfect choice for a honeymoon destination. Surrounded by love and romance, lively areas with music and dance and much more!  Kiss the love of your life under one of the splendid architectural bridges, or share a famous gelato as you hold on to one another’s hands, every experience will entice you with nothing but love and sheer bliss on an extravagant honeymoon on a budget in Venice.


If you have plans for a luxurious imperial honeymoon on a budget, then Corfu is the ideal destination. Spend your honeymoon in one of the immaculate Villas with private pools and breath-taking vistas of the shimmering azure seas—a secluded hideaway with all luxuries one can expect. Make your honeymoon a memorable one that you and your loved one will cherish forever. 

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Antalya is an excellent destination to recover from all that wedding stress and to enjoy a wonderful honeymoon on a budget. It is surrounded by natural landscapes and unbelievable beauty. Golden sands that blend into the bright turquoise sea, against the magnificent Taurus Mountains. Enjoy views of the magical waterfalls of the Kurşunlu Nature Park. Sit by the side a beautiful bay-side bar and gaze upon each other’s eyes as you feel the warmth of the amber hues of the dying sun.


A little city in Poland, a place that you are bound to fall hopelessly in love with its charm and wonder of its alluring streets. With looks like a city straight out of a fairy tale. Cobbled stoned streets lined with carriages pulled by horses, beautiful town squares pretty little buildings and churches, and a magical castle that gives castles in movies a run for its money. A romantic atmosphere fills the area, and it will make you feel that you’re truly apart of a fairy tale. This is one of many reasons why Krakow is a gem when it comes to choosing a honeymoon on a budget.

Hacks for a Honeymoon on a budget

  • Book a package deal as early as possible including flights, hotels & excursions
  • Pick a hotel which is close to all the nearby attractions
  • Implement a registry at your wedding
  • Travel during out of peak season
  • Keep a lookout for Honeymoon packages
  • Pre-plan your expenses

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Don’t forget to share with us in the comments about your ideas, and destinations that you would like to spend your honeymoon at.

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