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Honeymoon Destinations: May 2020 Edition!

Honeymoon Destinations: May 2020 Edition!

The month of May is more than kind to the majority of Europe! If you’re bent over backwards on wanting to pull the strings of your heart then Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Portugal are the top contenders. Being some of the top-rated honeymoon destinations, your visit is sure to be full of excitement…just be aware of the price tag that might come along with it.

France, Italy and Spain all boast an addictive array of culture and wine tasting! But what you should know about all three of these destinations is that they bring forth more than what’s mentioned above. From glitzy clubs and shop-lined streets to breath-taking natural reserves. There’s something for everyone in the chorus of all these countries. 

For a classic romantic break, the Philippines or the Bahamas are perfect! Contributing a paradise of sun, white sand and turquoise seas. And if you’re in need of a change of pace, a city break in Prague is to be recommended. All the flowers and trees are in full bloom and the Prague Spring Music Festival is on for three weeks with heart-melting symphonies, glorious opera shows and chamber concerts. 

For something even more different, head to Indonesia! With an equatorial climate, the country will help you benefit from the cool sea breezes. Moreover, the beguiling nature of the country is astoundingly diverse, making it a force that travellers can’t deny visiting at any given point of time. In Peru and Bolivia, the rains stop, giving way to captivatingly sunny days, it can be still a little chilly though, so not the best choice if you’re looking for heat. If you like the great outdoors, then head to the National Parks in America like Yosemite, where you can climb, even to high altitudes, without worrying about cold temperatures.

Honeymoon Destinations: May 2020 Edition!


  1. Europe
  2. China
  3. The Philippines
  4. The Bahamas
  5. Mexico
  6. Australia

To be avoided:
  1. Asia – low season
  2. Egypt – incredibly hot
  3. India – Monsoon season
  4. Sri Lanka – Monsoon Season
  5. Zanzibar – low season

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