Holidays in 2022
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Holidays in 2022! Celebrating the missed moments

If you had high hopes for 2021 to turn out better than the previous year, then you are one of us! Sadly, it wasn’t all about confetti and party poppers; If you missed out on celebrations and going on holidays this year, then we have the right kind of remedy to make your holidays in 2022 turn out to be a redo of all the celebrations you missed!

If you wonder, how? We’ll show you the way.

Incredible ways to celebrate missed celebrations:

1. Birthday holidays
2. Honeymoon holidays
3. Graduation holidays
4. Bachelorette parties
5. Mini moon holidays

Birthday Holidays

Holidays in 2022 - New York

Cakes and presents are not the only things that make birthdays special; they can also be spending some me-time in New York! 

If you want your birthday holidays to be filled with fun and adventures, there’s no other way to spend it than in a city that never sleeps. 

Broadway shows, birthday shopping, extraordinary family dining and in the meantime, go on some sightseeing adventures that are packed with glamourous views. 

Before you cut the cake, visit its famous landmarks or gift yourself a day at some of the best spas. The options are endless when you choose New York to be your partner in crime for your birthday.

Its usual high-energy vibe is perfect for you if you are celebrating your birthday in your 20s. For people above your 30s and 40s, this place lets you roam around in your own world filled with famous museums and historic neighbourhoods. 

And New York would be the perfect birthday gift by the end of the day!

Where to stay

  • Luxury hotel – Mandarin Oriental, New York
  • Mid-range hotel – Hilton Garden Inn New York/West 35th Street
  • Budget hotel – Seton Hotel 

Honeymoon holidays

Holidays in 2022 - Maldives

Had to postpone your honeymoon plans amid the pandemic? We’re all set to make the cupid fly in the air for your honeymoon holidays in 2022!

Pack up for some romance under the sun!

When you celebrate your newlywed status aiming it to be the perfect one, we cannot suggest a paradisiacal wonder other than the Maldives.

Popular with honeymooners for its private bungalows and overwater villas, the experience that awaits is something out of the world.

Excited much? Dive into the crystal-clear water to find out how it will make your honeymoon holidays blissful.

It’s phenomenal all-inclusive resorts are the first gifts to you! Adding the touch of romance in its luxurious amenities, it has all the reasons why it would be the perfect destination filled with moments you and your sweetheart won’t forget.

A romantic set-up for dinner or something a little adventurous like scuba diving and snorkelling? The Maldives has it all! Explore its white-sand beaches, watch the stunning sunsets that make the atmosphere magical and relax at the spas that will calm your soul beautifully.

The Maldives draws romance into your honeymoon holidays like the beach brings a calm breeze!

Where to stay

  • adults-only retreat – Hurawalhi Island Resort

Graduation holidays

Holidays in 2022 - Thailand

Graduating is a memory that you will cherish, and what special way would you choose to celebrate that, other than a graduation trip.

If the Pandemic messed up your party plans, we’re helping you celebrate more extravagantly for your holidays in 2022! Before you go into the next chapter of your life, have the fun you missed out on with exam papers and viruses.

How did you ask? With the perfect destination that will make your holiday a happiness-studded memory, Thailand.

Giving you the mix of modern comforts and traditional paths to follow, Thailand is an experience that will stand out. World-class beaches with their picture-perfect beauty, mountain villages that call out your name to come and explore, along with the Thai cuisine that will take your tastebuds on a road trip to heaven.

What more can you ask for? Well, the list goes on!

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then tie your shoelaces for some trekking adventures and catch the sight of elephants and cute monkeys. Or, on the second thought, if you still go by the saying ”the night is still young,” then get ready to dance your night away as Thailand’s nightlife is something that will amaze you.

Where to stay –

  • 4-star option – The Siam Heritage Hotel
  • 5-star option – Four Seasons Resort
  • 3-star option – U Jomtien Pattaya

Bachelorette parties

Holidays in 2022 - Las Vegas

You are only a bachelorette once, so plan this getaway as a start of memorable holidays in 2022 that stays on the books of glamourous moments.

If you’re thinking what we are thinking, you’re getting a virtual cookie! It’s Vegas time.

Las Vegas invites you for a time of your life filled with moments by the poolside cabana, world-class dining options, hottest nightclubs, exceptional entertainment and many more spicy hours of fun.

There are so many ways to make it a little extra special for the bride; when we’re talking Vegas, the lavish list has a lot to present! Chill it off at a pool party or cruise the Las Vegas strip; it doesn’t matter how you start on the first day, just make sure there are no hangover stories to laugh about, or maybe a little of that would be fun too.

Look forward to trying something that’s off the table? Go hiking in Red Rock Canyon or See the Seven Magic Mountains; there is always a twist on how every normal day ends with a surprise; of course, it’s Vegas! But if you want a bigger picture of what awaits you at Las Vegas, you can read here to find out –

In the end, remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Where to stay

  • The Strip – The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
  • Downtown – Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Mini moon holidays

Holidays in 2022 - Dubrovnik

Yes, we get it that sometimes committing to a week-long adventure can be tiring or less convenient, but we have an idea that will bring all your holiday cravings to your table.

 Perhaps a little closer to home and a bit less expensive?

A Minimoon can be planned in a luxurious way or like a short stay packed with just the essential adventures to go on; you get to decide!

And in our list of best destinations for your minimoon holidays in 2022, Dubrovnik tops the list with a happily ever after sign that shines bright for couples who visit. Let your wedding dance continue here as exciting nightclubs, and classy wine bars are popularly inviting.

Not just with drinking and dancing but also getting you in the beach mood for a hot time under the sun, getting a suntan as a couple can be goals too, you know! Its crystal-clear beaches and stunning seascapes are something to stop and stare at.

In the meantime, you can explore the city’s museums, charming cafes and the cultural attractions it holds to mesmerise you.

For some more ideas on destinations to visit for your minimoon, do take a look here-

Where to stay

  • Dubrovnik President Valamar Collection Hotel
  • Rixos Premium Dubrovnik


We’re not letting the pandemic stop you from celebrating the little things in life this time. Take a look at the destinations you can choose for your holidays in 2022, which can be the perfect substitute for the ones you missed out on. It can be about planning for your birthday holidays or about the honeymoon holidays you postponed; we’re helping you make the most of it in 2022.


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