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Got any travel resolutions this New Year’s Eve?

If you are a passionate traveller who avidly seeks for reasons to travel, definitely your answer to this question will be “heck yes!” isn’t it? Let’s see how can you make this season’s spirit explode with these five incredible travel resolutions.

Let’s list them down in the more logical way:

1. Saving money

If booking flights is an art, would you like to become Picasso at it? “Plan” – that is what is important to become an expert traveller who also saves money while exploring horizons. Plan this year’s travels well in advance and try to book the flights as early as possible so that you not only end-up in grabbing some cool travel deals but also snag some very cheap flight booking options. One thing that you can do is download a good flight fare forecasting app that can make the air ticket buying process much easier for you.

2. Getting the real mileage from your travel

How about “really free” air travel this year? Have you signed-up for the frequent flyer miles and points system that the airlines provide? If yes, check whether you can add them up and go on a truly free trip or start collecting them this year onwards so that you can make use of them for a “fully free” trip in the future.

3. Become that elite traveller recognised by your airline

Choose the airline that you travel carefully. Make sure that your frequent travels allow you to gain that elite status offered by the airlines. Make it a resolution this year, if you haven’t already and enjoy the freebies and special services from this year onwards.

4. Start earning credit card bonus points too

Make use of all the available options to make the most out of your travel. Sign-up for a credit card that gives you bonus points/benefits for booking flights or hotels. Why miss this option too? Start making bookings via the cards or refer someone who is also an avid traveller and reap the benefits. Nothing wrong in that, right?

5. And finally, make a solo trip this year!

If you haven’t embarked on a solo travel at all, make it happen this year. Travelling with friends and family is great and you are undoubtedly at comfort. Being too comfy is also a limitation at times. Travelling solo forces you to come out of the comfort zone and allows you to explore the unexplored. It could be fear, hesitation or the strangers that you are supposed to interact with for any assistance that makes your uncomfortable, but let it happen and enjoy the thrill. Make a trip this year to enjoy your own company in an unknown destination.

One more left for this year, and that is becoming an intelligent traveller.

Educate yourself to become an extra passionate as well as an intelligent traveller.

The resolutions should not stop with the above five tips. It should add another important resolution, and that is to educate yourself and be informed about all the benefits, points, bonuses, freebies, offers, etc that is available for frequent travellers. Travelling does not mean that you have to spend all your money; it is all about becoming a well-informed and intelligent traveller through experience.

Start the process this year!


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