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Flying with British Airways? We have good news for you!

After a series of unfortunate events that turned 2020 upside down, travellers are finally beginning to adjust to the new normal. Respecting social distancing, regularly using sanitiser and avoiding direct contact with people have been some of the guidelines being followed, and it’s no surprise that it has been taken up by British Airways as well. So, if you’re planning on flying with British Airways, then go right ahead!

Protective measures

With the world opening up once again, the airline has implemented a spectacular set of protective measures to keep their passengers safe both on the ground and in the air. How? Well, British Airways cabin crew is now taking time-appropriate methods into the way of onboard operations when dealing with passengers. Why? Because as well know, travelling in the wake of a pandemic is anything but easy for many, but the airline is taking all the necessary steps it needs to ensure that the adventure-chasers who do travel, fly at complete ease.

So, no longer will you have to hold back from exploring the destinations you love! From sanitising stations and self-service kiosks to distance markers and free personal protection packs onboard, the flag carrier of the United Kingdom is altering each step of the way while still maintaining its usual commitment to customer service and quality in-flight services.

British Airways’ flights have also upgraded its cleaning methods. Every critical surface is disinfected after every flight, HEPA filters have been installed to remove bacteria, and virus clumps with over 99.9% efficiency and the air in the cabin is completely replaced every 2 to 3 minutes.

Flexible booking procedures & free amendments

However, these aren’t the only benefits of flying with British Airways during these tumultuous times – the airline is also granting greater flexibility on your travel bookings. How? Well, for instance, you get the chance to change your booking date and destination for no change fee for travel up to April 2022. Plus, you can even cancel it entirely in exchange for a voucher. Now, if that doesn’t sound like a great deal on British Airways’ flights, we don’t know what will!

What does flying with British Airways exactly include right now? Well, think of eye-arresting TV shows, games, on-demand movies, and even radio! Next, imagine tasting meals that are curated by leading chefs and other amenities such as magazines that feature inspirational and informative travel articles and destination information. Aside from all that, get ready for the best customer service you’ve ever experienced in the air from British Airways cabin crew.

This does not come as a surprise though, the 100-year-old airline is one of the world’s leading global premium airlines, widely appreciated for surpassing expectations when it comes to travelling by air and its dedication to detail. The airline has numerous awards highlighting its efforts and is also one of the best airlines based on passenger reviews.

Benefits of British Airways travel classes

Fly your own way – British Airways’ flights cater to everyone so you can expect the same mind-blowing experience whether you’re flying business or economy. Book with value-packed fares and experience the family-friendly service of world traveller, treat yourself to a broader seat, more extended legroom and priority boarding of world traveller plus or indulge in the luxurious amenities of club world or first class. From unmatched dining experiences and private suites, this truly is one of the most memorable ways to fly.

But maybe I should be more specific about these “benefits”. After all, if you’re going to be flying with British Airways, you might as well know everything from A-Z. 

So, let’s get right into it – starting off with first-class, the most jaw-drop worthy class in British Airways’ flights (oh, first-class – where do we begin?) from fully flatbeds, and priority check-in, to extra baggage allowance (up to three pieces), access to lounges and to the Concorde room (with dining, private cabanas and a business suite) you are subjected to a lot of top-tier amenities. Oh! Almost forgot, you also get to relax at the Elemis travel spa.

  • British Airways - First Class
  • British Airways - First Class

Next, let’s move on to club world! Whether you’re flying with British Airways business or pleasure, you’ll get to enjoy access to a lounge, unrivalled comfort with flatbeds, the utmost privacy and enjoy meals prepared by renowned chefs – and in case all of this wasn’t enough, you also get a 10.”” touch screen loaded with eye-arresting entertainment options and an unrivalled level of hospitality from British Airways cabin crew.

  • British Airways - Club World
  • British Airways - Club World

For a premium experience full of added privacy, relaxation and expert in-flight service, choose to fly with world traveller plus.

  • British Airways - World Traveller Plus
  • British Airways - World Traveller Plus
  • British Airways - World Traveller Plus

World traveller might be wallet-friendly, but that doesn’t mean it holds back when it comes to giving you the best customer service you’ve experienced during a flight. From a personal entertainment screen, activity packs for children, and much more, economy has everything you need for hassle-free flight experience.

  • British Airways - World Traveller
  • British Airways - World Traveller

Service on board

As previously mentioned, British Airways cabin crew have altered their way of operations onboard – for instance, the inflight food options and services were changed to reduce physical contact. The airline’s staff will also offer a personal protection pack when you’re on board with them, containing antibacterial wipe and hand sanitiser gel. Also, it’s worth noting that customer care is something the airline excels at, and staying in line with their reputation, British Airways cabin crew is always ready to meet your needs

If you would like to book with British Airways’ flights, just remember that we are one call or email away from helping you out with everything you need. We will help you get insight into the airlines latest flight offers and other discounts if you’re interested in flying with British Airways.


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